Sunday, 29 April 2012

Rotorua marathon race recap...

Me crossing the finish line - YAY!
Well people, I did it! I 'conquered the lake' as the people from the Rotorua marathon said. Such a great achievement, and the best part is that I actually CUT OFF HALF AN HOUR from my previous marathon time... STOKED!

Here I am crossing the finish line - I totally sped up for the last 200 meters to beat the chick behind me who my Uncle and husband were calling the 'ab chick' - moral of this story - your mean abs won't win you a marathon! (although I will still try to get them!)

I have to be honest, after my first marathon I thought I should be on the TV programme 'I shouldn't be alive' because I actually thought I was going to die at the end (or even before it). But this race I thoroughly LOVED and I felt I ran really well - bonus! I fuelled well and had plenty of energy to boost over the finish line too - what more could you want? Eat my dust abs girl... muahaha! Overall it was the perfect day for it - good conditions, good temperature, only a small head wind for about 4-5 kms in the last 10kms and I had the best supporters crew! (Photos of them to come but in the meantime here is one of my cousin cycling along side me for a few hundred meters).

Now here's a bit of a run down of the rest of the trip...

At the hot mudpools and geysers - being totally touristy and nerdy!

Husband jumping in for a self-shot pic - a must in tourist land!

Just had to put this one in of Tim looking like he should be on the catwalk - *proud wife*

Always the rebel!

A spot of mini golf with Tim, Uncle and Grandad - the boys giving Grandad some unwanted tips.

Mini golf cheese
Here's a low down of some of the race...

At the start line a little nervous and cheesy

Still in the pack around the 5km mark

The tin man

Look at that scenery! Lake Rotorua

My best supporter and the gel sachets I used - there will be a post on these to come

Trying to be cool as I approach the last 200m - looks like I'm walking but I promise I was running!
And that's all folks - second marathon done and dusted. Watch this space to see what the next adventure will entail.

Anyone keen to join me in an event or even in some training? I would love to run with you and even help you to achieve your goals!

In all these things we are more than conquerors through him who loved us. - Romans 8:37

Ciao for now,

Runner Girl.


  1. Wow! How awesome Rach! I would love to be able to do a run like that. This sounds like just the beginning. You go girl! Love read your posts so keep them coming. It's my favourite part of my week when I see you've made a post (how's that for nerdy and cheesy?) I think I'm running vicariously through you!

    1. Thanks for your encouragement Tans, glad you are enjoying the blog - I'm totally loving doing it and still can't believe I've turned into a blog nerd.. haha.

  2. Well done! Now have a nice rest :-)

  3. You are amazing!! Loving reading your blog - keep up the awesome work!

  4. Thanks all, glad you're enjoying reading my blog as I am enjoying blogging. Enjoying my rest, just about to head to the pools for a few casual laps then a massage - ahhh life is good!

  5. Way to go Rach. So proud of you! Ab girl, Schmab girl!

  6. I love how you said you should be on the TV show I shouldn't be alive. Haha!


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