Thursday, 31 January 2013

Picking a running buddy and the Shock Absorber giveaway winner...

As I am nearing the end of my pregnancy, 4 weeks to go and counting, I am beginning to get a little less active and indulging in a bit more relaxing. However, I am beginning to think more about post baby exercise and training. As I mentioned earlier this month in this post, I have a
goal of doing the Auckland Marathon in early November. I have been thinking about it a lot, as it's not my first marathon but it will be my first since baby, and wondering how it will go.

One way I thought it would be easier to train for and get motivated for it would be to get a running buddy to do it with, or at least train with. So how do you pick a running buddy you ask?? Well, typically this is what I would have USED to suggest:

Pick someone who is...
1. Slower than you so you always feel fast and amazing
2. Someone who doesn't look as good a runner as you so you look fast and amazing
3. Someone who will definitely NOT beat you in the race, if you do end up doing it together
4. Someone who just all round makes you look fast and amazing!

But actually, that is ALL rubbish!

They totes are!
Picking a running buddy is not about getting someone who will make you look good, but it's about getting a buddy that will challenge you, motivate you and encourage you that you can do it and do it well!
So here are my new pieces of advice. Pick someone who...

1. You can happily chat to whilst running, and with ease - this is not the place for awkward conversation and trying to find commonalities with someone. This will take your mind off the running itself and will help you keep a good pace for those Long slow runs.

2. Will challenge you to keep going, even when you just want to throw in the towel. You don't want some psycho screamer who rants and yells at you every time you want to stop, but you want someone who will challenge you to keep going for that last mile, 2kms, or 10 minutes.

3. Is in tune with your running style and can see signs of needing encouragement and cheering on. I know this sounds a little lame, but sometimes we just need someone to tell us we are doing well and that we can keep going!

4. You want someone who has similar training goals to you. Even if you are not training for the same distance, you can still do some of your training together. For example, you might be training for a half marathon, they might be training for a full, but you could still combine your speed and track sessions, as they are not about distance but improving fitness and speed.

5. You do not feel you have to compete against. The last thing you want is a running buddy who is always trying to 'one-up' you or beat you in your training runs.

Run with someone you feel comfortable with, someone who you feel at ease with and ENJOY their company. Remember that every run does not have to be done with a buddy too, as you will most likely be solo on race day, so having a mix of training runs is a good balance.

If you want to read more on the subject of running buddies, here's a link from Runners World which talks a little more about the subject.

Do you like running with people or flying solo? 

How do you pick a running buddy? 


Thanks to the random number generator,  I entered all of your numbers in and the winner that came out is...

Jenn Overton!! Woooohoooo!! 2 entries for liking and commenting :)

Jenn has just had a baby and before she was pregnant she had started running but then stopped once she found out her happy news. Enjoy your Shock Absorber Bra Jenn and I hope it helps with the post baby exercise! You totally deserve it!

Thanks to everyone who entered, I hope I will have more giveaways throughout the year for my amazing readers!

Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Creating a training plan the easy way and showering a baby...

Hi all,

My latest exercising has consisted of a few casual strolls (ok - they are a workout for me but a casual stroll for anyone coming with me), and a couple of low key weight workouts.

AND... I have started to waddle... Eek! My husband told me to 'stop walking weirdly' the other day as I was trying sooo hard to not look like I was waddling that I just looked like I was walking strangely. Well, I don't waddle all the time, but by the end of a long walk I have a pretty substantial waddle going on! I'm sexy and I know it!

The rest of my training has consisted of lying on the couch reading great articles from this favourite website and magazine. It makes me feel like I am working hard when I read articles from here. They are oh so motivating and inspiring. Go check out the site!

The other awesome website I have discovered is this one here. Brilliant! I have just spent the last half an hour on it making a training plan for my up and coming post baby Marathon (in November). I know I am still pregnant and won't be starting the training for a wee while yet, but I thought I would fill out all my details and see what sort of a plan it came up with for me. I was a little cheeky and didn't put in pregnancy weights and measurements (but the ones I put in are heavier than my pre-preggers measurements, don't worry!). I have chosen a 14 week moderate training plan to start in July.

It is simple to set up, you just have to register your email address with them and then put in all of your details, and then they create the plan for you. You can create plans for running, multi post events, half marathons, full marathons, walking, running for health and fitness, you name it, they can pretty much do it. I recommend having a look, especially if you are a beginner.

What sort of plan do you use for training? Do you follow a plan at all? 

Any great sites or books for training plans?

The other part of my time lately has been planning and preparing for what was my baby shower on the weekend. It was fabulous! Me and my wonderful sister in law put all our creative ideas together (OK, I mean pinterest inspired ideas) and created a memorable shower in which myself and our baby were oh so spoiled! Here's a few snippets of the day...

Tim wasn't at the shower but he did get dragged into the photo booth

We had delicious food

The wishing tree - guests left messages for the baby which I will put into a book. Some very kind and special things were said

Photo booth props and teddy got signed by all the guests

So blessed by all the amazing and thoughtful gifts

My sister in law and party planner extraordinaire!

Animal and celebrity game and guess how many jelly babies


Did I mention that the food was divine?
Delicious Raspberry and lemon cake made by my other amazing sister in law!

Thursday, 24 January 2013

One Year Blog Birthday and Shock Absorber Giveaway...

Today Curious Runner Girl Blog turns one and what better way to celebrate than with my first ever GIVEAWAY!! Yay! I am so excited about my blog being one and about a giveaway.
Happy Birthday to me!
Before I get to the giveaway though, I just want to thank all those people who read my blog. If you look back to my very first post here I think we can all safely agree that the blog has come a long way. From a short little post with no pictures to a new look blog with a new name, as well as a facebook page. I started this blog with the hopes of encouraging readers, with my story as a non-runner to a marathon runner, that everyone can run, and to inspire and motivate you along your running and fitness journey.
So one marathon, two half marathons, numerous training trials and tribulations and one pregnancy later, here is my blog: one year old! 

Now... The part you all really want to hear about... The GIVEAWAY...

In October last year I was lucky enough to win a Shock Absorber Bra, as well as my entry to this year's Auckland marathon, PLUS one Shock Absorber Bra to giveaway on my blog thanks to Ruun - your sports bra specialists.

If you win this giveaway you have one of three Shock Absorber Bras to choose from, valued from $99-$109. These three selections can be viewed here. Shock Absorber Bras have been named 'The No 1 sports bra brand' and are the winner of the best sports bra 2011.
award 1
"A good sports bra is as essential a piece of kit as a good pair of trainers, whatever sports activity and whatever your cup size.
In Shock Absorber, we apply unique scientific and technological research to our sports bra design, so every thread, stitch and contour gives you the best support and comfort."

So... How do you win it? All you have to do is go to my facebook page here, like it and you are in the draw. If you have already liked my facebook page then congratulations, you are already in the draw. For a second entry, however, you could comment either on here or on my facebook page something about my blog or the giveaway. So you can have a total of two entries, which for all you people who are not so mathematically minded, is better than one! Yip, I'm a maths genius!

You will have one week to get your liking and commenting on and I will announce the winner Thursday the 31st Jan. Good luck!

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

More on goals and how I've been keeping busy...

How are your 2013 goals going so far? Mine... Well it's a little too early for most of them as most consist of post baby stuff but here's how my keeping active in pregnancy goal is going:

Thursday last week I was lucky enough to have a personal training session with my lovely PT friend, who is also preggers. We did an all over body weights workout and I was super tired afterwards!
Friday was a small walk and a whole lot of wall paper stripping and sanding - hard work but it keeps me busy for sure!

Thanks for the shorts Tim!

Earning my keep
Saturday was Pump class. If you want to know more about Pump with a Bump you can check out this post here. I think this was probably my last pump class for pregnancy. Although I can still manage it just fine, a) my concession card has run out, and b) it is getting a little more difficult in some areas than usual. But mostly just the concession card thing. I am so thankful that my pregnancy has been a great one that I can still continue to be active right through. I know not everyone has that privilege so I really am grateful that I do!

We then spent the rest of Saturday at a family event with Tim's family where I got uber sunburnt... Oops! But i did manage to go from the photos above to this:
Phew! I bet you are glad I let Tim wear his own shorts here!

Sunday and Monday both were actually rest days from the exercise but there was still a lot of Sanding, stripping, painting and repeat that we wanted to fit in so they definitely kept me busy. Tim has been wallpapering today and the room will be finished soon. Yay! Then we can begin to get the baby's room all sorted - that's exciting!

Well, our work is complete for today so now we are off for a walk together through a track that goes along the waterfalls. Bliss!

Don't forget to keep an eye out for my giveaway that will be coming really soon to celebrate my one year blog anniversary!

Have you fallen off the goals wagon already or are you still charging along?

Thursday, 17 January 2013

A MOTHER of a giveaway...

Hey everyone...

As you know from several posts, I have a wonderful friend who is a Personal Trainer. Her company, called One 2 One Fitness is giving one lucky Mama the chance to win BIG... Here's some more details...

From Mummy to Yummy - Go here to watch the YouTube Clip about the giveaway, or keep reading...

These guys are giving the chance to win an amazing package including personal training sessions, regular massages, chiropractic consultations, physio and more, all followed up by a total make over at the end, including hair, clothing and more! The value is at around $5000 and if you win it will be yours for FREEEEEEEEEEE! What more could you want?

 Pretty awesome if you ask me.

To enter, all you have to do is tell them why you think you should win. Also, if it doesn't really sound like your thing, you could enter someone else who you think would really appreciate and benefit from this. Click here for the link to enter (unfortunately you must be in the area to win) and GOOD LUCK TO YOU ALL!!!

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

How to get through the summer months with a baby on board

Workouts so far this week: Monday - 7.5km walk - 1hr
Tuesday: 3km walk - 25mins
Wednesday: You'll love this one... "The bikini Workout" strength training workout from Woman's Health... I am sooo bikini ready now!! 3 x 8 mins with 2 mins rest in between each circuit.

Whenever I tell people my due date: 27th Feb, they all seem to say things along the lines of 'Oh no, poor you, it'll be so hot for you', and 'You're going to find it so hard in the heat' and sooo many similar things like that. It was just starting to get so ridiculous that even Tim started pointing out how everyone was down on being pregnant through the summer... Yikes!

Yes, the heat has been a little overwhelming at times, but I decided after getting all those comments that I wasn't going to just nod and agree but actually try and enjoy it - after all, there's no way around that one so may as well!
34 weeks pregnant and ready to work out! (P.S. that's our newly finished room behind me - a post to come on this soon!)  
Man, I am just so good at taking photos I can even do it with my eyes closed!
One of the things I love the most about being pregnant through the hot summer months is that it is really motivating me to keep active. Summer is my most favourite time to get out and active and especially being pregnant. I think if I was pregnant through the winter I would have turned into a couch potato and watched movies and soaps all day drinking hot chocolates and eating cookies and chocolate... Not a good combo!

So far I have been achieving my goal with trying to keep really active and I feel great! And there is a little thanks in there to this glorious, motivating weather too.
My belly now leads the way - I actually had to lean forward to be able to get my feet in this shot.
But what this post is actually about is how to cope, and get through the hot summer months being pregnant... For any of you that are pregnant during summer, are planning to be, or just want to read about how I do it, here you go...
  1. Exercise during the cooler parts of the day - mornings and evenings are the best
    From my rural walk on Monday - going down a nice big hill means you have to go back up one on the other side!
  2. Live on popsicles and cold drinks from the fridge
    Yip, I've eaten so many that I finally got a free one - Best. Day. Ever!
  3. Where possible, wear the minimal amount of clothes, but when you must wear more, wear a dress. A bit awkward when the JWs come knocking and you are cruising around the house in an Ah Bra and your husband's comfiest shorts... Oops!
    Comfiest dress thanks to my lovely SIL - sorry about the terrible photo though!
    P.S. Wasn't going to put a photo of the first mentioned outfit in there for all of you who were asking.
  4. Invest in a paddling pool or become best friends with either the beach, or someone who owns a swimming pool - thanks so much to my cousin who has been letting me swim in her pool - saved me!
  5. Get a fan - it'll become your night time companion (and often day time one too)
    Me and my biggest fan!
  6. Instead of doing a big weekly or fortnightly grocery shop, take a small trip there every day and shop as slowly as you can - supermarkets are sooo deliciously cool and enjoyable. Normally I hate grocery shopping but I love going in there now. It can even take me 20 mins just to purchase milk!
  7. Do a lot of shopping (if the baby has left you any money) or internal window shopping (if, like in our case, it hasn't) in air conditioned shops
  8. See movies during the day instead of at night. Yesterday I enjoyed 2 hours of Air conditioned bliss whilst watching Les Mis with my friend... Not sure which was better: the company, the AC or the movie
  9. Go for long drives in your air conditioned car if you don't have AC at home - enjoy some scenery while you're at it
  10. If you work (but I am not sure why you would want to) make sure your work place has excellent AC and you get a really comfy chair - if it doesn't, for crying out loud what are you doing there?!?
  11. Get a tonne of good books or magazines and find a cool, breezy place to enjoy reading them
How do you get through the hot summer months - pregnant or not? Any good tips? 

What's your favourite thing about summer?

Thursday, 10 January 2013

2013 Goal setting - have you done yours?

Workout today: Sanding (by hand) all the windows and skirting boards in our spare room, and painting them... In 27°C heat - which at 33 weeks pregnant feels more like 37°C... Fun!

So I didn't work out today but I really felt that that hard work was enough of a workout in itself. Plus I think I was still recovering from walking up Mount Parihaka yesterday which, for those who don't know, has about a gazillion steps (give or take), and it was hot.

So here it is... The post about...
Work From Home Goals 2013
 I am not really one (anymore) to get to Jan 1st and think: 'I had better make some goals that will change my life', and then they only last the better part of a month... If that.
Pinned Image
Not anymore...
Pinned Image
Not that any of us have ever thought that, I just thought this was funny!

Instead, I like to look at all areas of my life and make practical and achievable goals relating to those areas. Actually, this is something that Tim and I do together, we make goals for each area of our lives together and have reviews throughout the year - sounds nerdy, I know, but it's such a great exercise to do as a couple.

The goals for this year that I am going to put on here are actually my own, individual goals, not mine and Tim's. But these are just as important, having your own goals, as well as 'couple goals'. I think a great thing with goals, too, is to set small, achievable ones that you can measure throughout the year, not just at the end. This is probably why a lot of people don't achieve theirs because the end of the year is always 'so far away'. So anyway, enough of that, here are my 2013 goals...

1. Continue to stay as active as possible up until the birth of our baby.

2. Be a good Mum

3. Be a good wife and help and encourage Tim to achieve his goals

4. Be more committed to things at Church - help out more, and if I say I will help then do a good job! Same goes for helping friends and family.

5. Get back into running and training, as soon as my body will let me, post baby

6. Run the Auckland Marathon - the first weekend of November - possibly in 4 hours if I can get my body up to scratch. This was my goal for the Auckland marathon 2012 but then I found out I was pregnant so goal was deferred.

7. Be a good money saver/non-spender!

8. Get back to my pre baby weight by the time of the marathon - 8 or so months (hopefully this will be easy with marathon training thrown in there.)

9. Run a half marathon as part of my marathon training and to help gauge my progress towards the marathon

10. Blog regularly and improve my blogging

11. Be generous with my time, giftings and life!

Each month I will break these goals down to make a part of them achievable. For example, with the marathon training goal I will set monthly mileage goals to keep me on track and to make it easy to measure. For the weight loss, I will set small goals each month based on weight, food and exercise - small changes that can be measured. And maybe there might even be the odd reward in there for months where I have been successful!

 Are you a goal setter? I definitely am, as you have already seen - I have to have goals otherwise I am just useless!

Have you set your goals for 2013? If so, how do you do it? 

What is the goal you think will be your most difficult for this year? Mine would definitely have to be the 4 hour marathon and getting my body in shape for it... And possibly being a good Mum - eek!

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Keeping active on holiday

Happy New Year everyone! I hope you all had a lovely time and celebrated in style!! I had a lovely time, first with a few days at the beach with my family, followed by a week with Tim and his family at their holiday home. Was nice to have a whole week off with Tim as well, not to mention being by the beach too!

This post, I hope, will encourage you to be, and stay, active whilst on holiday. I made it my mission to be as active as I could - mostly because I just ate my way through Christmas and into the New Year... Oops.

Is that the baby getting bigger or just my stomach? Can't tell but we'll just say (and hope) it's the baby... haha.

So here are some of my activities that I did to stay active on holiday, plus a few more ideas chucked in there too... Especially some things that I am not doing whilst preggers...

1. I did lots of walking -  because where Tim's family bach (holiday home) is, a lot of 4WD is required, over quite rough and bumpy terrains, therefore I would often walk a lot. I would either start walking half an hour or so before everyone else did and then get them to pick me up on the way, or I would get dropped off and walk back. I would also just get out and walk certain bits as well, including some seriously nasty hills... Yikes! As I am no longer running I didn't run, but you could substitute the walking for running if you liked.

2. I LOVE Kayaking so made it my little hobby to go for my daily Kayak - great for the arms and upper body!
I know I don't look too happy but trust me, I'm totally in my happy place here.
3. Fishing - we did lots of this, of which I thoroughly enjoyed... See photo above. This doesn't really require a lot of activity, more just standing around, but we would often have a fair hike to get to the 'perfect' fishing spot so that is where the activity comes in.

Three girls in our fishing uniform... We accidently were all wearing similar striped tops... Ah great minds!

4. As it is our summer holiday (sorry for all you people in winter right now!) and we were right near the beach, swimming is definitely a MUST! It is the best way to stay active in the hot weather and still be refreshed and not die in the heat!

5. Other options could also be getting out and playing sports - on the beach, in a paddock or on the front lawn. Soccer, cricket, tennis, you name it, it's a fun and social way to stay active.

6. Surfing and paddle boarding are also great for all you surf bunnies out there. Something I would have been very keen to get into this summer had there not been a slight issue of a wee bump in the way :)

And after all of this active-ness relaxation is a MUST! After all, isn't this what holidays are all about?

My other happy place - shade with my book - bliss!
How do you keep active on holiday?

How do you like to relax after an active day?

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