Monday, 30 July 2012

Week's 4 and 5 and why I love this training plan... PLUS... Some Monday motivation...

Hello hello!! I have been having a bit of a blog holiday (well actually just been sooooo busy that I haven't had time to blog) so here's the latest installment on the 16 week FIRST training plan...
Weeks 4 and 5.. YAAAY!! But just before I get into that I want to tell you a little about why I love this plan so much and think it's great...

Firstly, it only requires three running sessions a week and I love that because although I am a runner, sometimes I can be a bit of a lazy one. I know that doesn't really make sense, I do love running, promise, but sometimes I just struggle with the motivation. So, for someone like me who gets overwhelmed when I know I'm going to be having a busy week, knowing that I only have to do three run sessions is calming and it just sounds easier. You do also have to fit in two cross training sessions, but I find that quite fun.


Secondly, I love this plan because it has variety. It does not just say you need to get out there and run everyday for and hour but it includes speed work - track runs, tempo runs, and a nice long slow run day. Also having the two cross training sessions are great too as they allow your body and mind to have a break form all the running.

The third reason I love this training plan is because it was made by people who do this sort of thing for a living, it has been tried and tested and has had some great results. I also found, even just from following it for 9 weeks for my last marathon, that I cut off half an hour from my previous time - I put that down to this plan! Awesome!

So here are your 4th and 5th weeks (sorry I am a bit slow with this week's - wk 4)...

Week Four:
Key run #1:
5 x 1000m sprints with 400m RI

Key run #2:
1.5 km easy (1 mi)
6.5km at mid-tempo (4 mi)
1.5 km easy (1 mi)

Key run #3:
32 km at MP + 37seconds
(20 mi at MP + 60)

Week Five:
Key Run #1:
3 x 1600m sprints with 400 m RI     

Key Run #2: 
3 km easy (2 mi)
5 km at short tempo (3 mi)
1.5 km easy (1 mi)
Key Run #3:  
29 km at MP + 28
(18 mi at MP + 45)

Happy training. Here's some Monday motivation to get you through this week's training...

I'm loving the Olympics at the moment and I can't stop thinking everytime i watch and event what determination and effort it must have taken to get that far. This is the epitome of motivation if you ask me!


This is awesome!

Watch the marathoners in the Olympics - that is major motivation!

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Wonderful Wednesday...

Needing some inspiration? As you all know I love me some good ol' running quotes and inspiration. So here's a few to cheer up your Wednesday... 

This actually says it all... Brilliant!

As you all know, I'm no Usain Bolt so I def love this and totally agree!

Happy hump day!

Monday, 16 July 2012

Marathon training weeks two AND three...

Sooo sorry that I am late with this one! If you are following the plan, I hope week one went well! I found it a little hard with being away to keep up, but I managed to get in all of my runs and just missed one cross training session. I did spend a day up the mountain skiing though so maybe we'll sneak that in as a sesh :)

Here's week two's plan and while I'm at it, week three too, just to keep you all on the ball...

Week Two:

Key Run one: 4 x 800m repeats with 2 min rest intervals (RI)

Key Run Two: 
1.5 km easy (1mile)
8 km at marathon pace (MP) (5miles)
1.5km easy  (1 mile)

Key Run Three: 
24km at MP + 28 seconds (15 miles)
Or for beginners - 15km/9mi

Week Three:

Key Run One:
One lap each of: 1200, 1000, 800, 600, 400 metres with 200m RI
Key Run Two:
1.5 km easy (1mile)

8 km at long tempo (5miles)

1.5km easy  (1 mile)

Key Run Three: 
27km at MP + 28 (17mi)
or for beginners - 16km/10mi

So here's this week and next week. Hope the training is going well for you all, no matter what distance you are training for. Remember the key of running well is to ENJOY IT!

Have fun and happy running :)

Thursday, 12 July 2012

Holiday perks...

The perks of being a school teacher MUST be the holidays! Two weeks of holidays every 10 weeks and then 6 weeks of holidays over summer - the sweet life. I suppose I earn them too, but that's totally beside the point!

So this is what I have been up to...

Week one of holidays I was sick in bed - one of the not-so-perky-perks of being a school teacher. So week two I have taken my 15 year old brother back to this place to relive some of my glory days spend some time hanging out with our cousies that are the same age as him!

Here's what we have been up to while we have been in the land of freezing Rotovegas...

This is the view from the kitchen window - the lake is just over those trees

Wednesday we went to visit this mountain - Ruapehu

My little bro, me and my cousin looking to cool for school in our snow gear

This morning I went for my 10km run and went past this beautiful site
Not going to show you the uber unattractive photo I took of myself during my run in case my husband sees it and decides he doesn't want me to come back home!

Also ran past these dudes just munching on some grass.

Cute but annoying dog - Poppy! 
So we've done some skiing up the mountain, I've been running in 3° temps where I almost lost my fingers and didn't know it, and we've been enjoying some good ol' family time. This afternoon the boys are going skating and I am going to check out the shops and have afternoon tea with my Aunty - holidays are sweet.

Back to Poppy, the dog... She's not even one and she has this crazy weird obsession with licking people. I know you think this is a normal dog obsession, and it is, but she likes to lick people's clothing - namely jeans. It's yuck! I think going out of the house with dog-licked jeans has got to be worse than a Mum leaving the house with baby spew down their backs. What do you think?

So there's my holidays in a nutshell, heading back home to the hubster tomorrow which I am looking forward to and so is he as he has finished all the food I cooked and left for him a day EARLY! Gasp!

What do you like to get up to when you have time off work or wee holidays?? Do you have an animal with a weird obsession?

Saturday, 7 July 2012

This is a tribute - not the Jack Black version though...

Here's a tribute to the super family I married into... They're seriously like a bunch of sporty spices...

Ok, so not quite the sporty spice I was meaning, more like this bunch of sporty spices...

Mum and Dad with 3 out of the 5 kids (P.S. all you ladies out there, bottom right hand corner = single to mingle!)

So here's a bit of history to my in-law family...

My husband, let's start there...
He's not a runner but has been a professional rugby player for about 13 years...

He's sexy and I know it!

I am, and always will be, his biggest fan!

Professional rugby has been good to both of us. Not only has Tim loved every minute of it and made a great living out of it, but it's allowed us to travel to wonderful places like these:

Cinque Terra in Italy where we lived for almost 2 years *blessed*

Nice, South of France, holiday destination at the end of a season *doubly blessed*

 It's not all fun and games and travelling holidays though, there was some hard work involved... For Tim that is!

Now he has retired from professional rugby and now he's my biggest fan and supporter... Love it!

Before my first marathon, October 2011.

Anyway, back to his awesome family...

Tim is the second oldest, the older brother Jon (left hand side of the family photo above) ran his first marathon last year also, in 3.20 - legend!

The youngest two, Bex and Andy (kneeling in the photo above) also ran their first marathons last year and just completed their second one last weekend - the Gold Coast Marathon in Australia. Woohoo!! Mum and Dad ran their first half marathons last year and just ran their second one in the Gold Coast last weekend too, majorly cutting time of last year's time. They owned that half marathon like a boss! Not to mention the couple of triathlons my MIL has done. She's putting me to shame, I know!


I'm not sure who started off whom but it seems to be a great bunch with goals getting bigger and better! My kids are going to be baby sporty spices, no excuses! 

And don't forget this moment from earlier on in the year...

Running with my MIL - I'm sure I was happier than I look!

So is it in the blood or is it in the name? Either way, I belong to a family of keen runners and athletes... No pressure or anything Rach! I love my in-law family, I couldn't have asked for a better one. They challenge me and inspire me and are ever supportive and encouraging! Thanks Dows, you dudes are legendary! I hope to be able to run with you all one day!

What is your family like, or your in-law family? Do you have a family of sporty spices? Who encourages you in your running/sports?

Friday, 6 July 2012

The plan...

If you are wanting to follow along with me - or just follow along to see what torturous things I am doing to myself, then here is week one of my 16 week marathon training program below.

This can be a guide for half marathons too, just make your weekly long runs shorter than my ones will be - like HALF as short!

Just before I put up week one, here is the overall plan...

The FIRST marathon training plan
And here's reminder to go with the plan...

I am doing this program as it is a low mileage plan - exactly what I am wanting for this marathon. And although it only has three days of running it also has two days of cross training of your choice - I will probably bike for mine, plus I am still playing hockey. Then it's up to you what you do with the other two days - I will probably rest like the lazy person I am.

Here is the first week of 16:

Key run #1 (which always consists of speed work/track repeats) is:
3 x 1600m sprints with a 400m Rest Interval (RI).

Key Run #2 (which is always a tempo run) is:
3km (2miles) easy
3km (2miles) at slow tempo
3km (2miles) easy

Key Run #3 (which is always a long run) is:
21km at marathon pace + 19 seconds
(or 13 miles at MP + 30).

I might change up the long runs a little bit as the ones in this plan might not suit me. I think I'll just do about 18km for my first long run since I haven't done a super long run in a while.

My two cross training sessions this week will consist of a 60 min spin class at the gym, a game of hockey and some weight work. Ok, I know that's kinda three but the hockey doesn't really count as part of the plan, it's like an extra perk.

I will always try and put each week's training schedule up one week in advance so if you are following along then you know what you are doing.

Anything else you want to know, feel free to email me or comment on any of the posts :)

Oh, and any locals out there who might like to do some long runs together, let me know, I'd love it! Or even parts of long runs!

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

July, sweet July....

I have decided that I am in a bit of a lull at the moment and need to set myself some goals... And what better place to announce them than on here for all of you to read and hold me accountable for... I will probably regret this later when I would rather be snuggling on the couch than out running in the cold winter rain, but nevertheless, here we go!

Next week officially marks the start of my FIRST 16 week training program, as mentioned earlier from this book (the top one):

So my goals for the next 16 weeks will look a lot like this:

1. Follow the plan to a tee - no excuses, no missed trainings, you are NEVER too tired to run, and don't let the weather get in your way!

2. Eat a well balanced diet with lots of good carbs and proteins to keep me going longer and less of the things I truly love, like these:

Oh cookies how I do love thee...
(Which will be a treat ONLY after a super LONG run). I think I'm going to start drinking protein shakes...

3. On that note, practice better self control... In more areas than one!

4. I will encourage other runners who I know have the same goal as me and will try and run my long runs with others as much as I can

5. To keep a good balance between work, running and social life (this sometimes is a problem as I get so wrapped up in myself... Gasp!)

6. To raise around $1000 for my next marathon cause:


7. To run a sub 4 in this marathon:

So, what are your goals for July/ the next few months/ the rest of the year? Do you need to practice self control? What protein shake would you recommend?

I'd love to hear what your goals are!
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