Thursday, 12 July 2012

Holiday perks...

The perks of being a school teacher MUST be the holidays! Two weeks of holidays every 10 weeks and then 6 weeks of holidays over summer - the sweet life. I suppose I earn them too, but that's totally beside the point!

So this is what I have been up to...

Week one of holidays I was sick in bed - one of the not-so-perky-perks of being a school teacher. So week two I have taken my 15 year old brother back to this place to relive some of my glory days spend some time hanging out with our cousies that are the same age as him!

Here's what we have been up to while we have been in the land of freezing Rotovegas...

This is the view from the kitchen window - the lake is just over those trees

Wednesday we went to visit this mountain - Ruapehu

My little bro, me and my cousin looking to cool for school in our snow gear

This morning I went for my 10km run and went past this beautiful site
Not going to show you the uber unattractive photo I took of myself during my run in case my husband sees it and decides he doesn't want me to come back home!

Also ran past these dudes just munching on some grass.

Cute but annoying dog - Poppy! 
So we've done some skiing up the mountain, I've been running in 3° temps where I almost lost my fingers and didn't know it, and we've been enjoying some good ol' family time. This afternoon the boys are going skating and I am going to check out the shops and have afternoon tea with my Aunty - holidays are sweet.

Back to Poppy, the dog... She's not even one and she has this crazy weird obsession with licking people. I know you think this is a normal dog obsession, and it is, but she likes to lick people's clothing - namely jeans. It's yuck! I think going out of the house with dog-licked jeans has got to be worse than a Mum leaving the house with baby spew down their backs. What do you think?

So there's my holidays in a nutshell, heading back home to the hubster tomorrow which I am looking forward to and so is he as he has finished all the food I cooked and left for him a day EARLY! Gasp!

What do you like to get up to when you have time off work or wee holidays?? Do you have an animal with a weird obsession?

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