Wednesday, 25 January 2012

This one's for everyone!

The thing I love about running is there is not much else to do but think and reflect - especially when you are really clocking up the kms on those long slow day (LSD) runs. I usually take my iPod along with me and listen to music while I'm running, but the thoughts just tick on over.
I also pray a lot - as a Christian prayer is very important, and I find running one of the best times to do it. It is uninterrupted and you are not distracted by anything else. So as I was running today I was praying for all of you - so readers, consider yourselves prayed for :)

The actual point of this post today is for all you people out there who  read this and think "Oh I wish I could do that", or "I'm just not a runner like you", and whatever other thoughts you might have. As I said in my earlier post, my aim is to encourage you with this blog, so be encouraged that EVERYONE CAN RUN!!! No excuses!

I understand that some people may have injuries, be pregnant, have conditions or just purely be lacking motivation and inspiration (which happens to the best of us at times), but please, be encouraged that you can OVERCOME IT!!!

At school, cross country was my worst enemy. I even remember trying to hide in the toilets to get out of it once (to no avail). About 5 years ago, I remember trying to run with my husband a lap of our block (about 750 meters) and not even being able to make it the whole way. I was "just not a runner". I loved walking, but running was definitely NOT for me.

Then I started off easily and slowly - I was living overseas in a foreign country and didn't have much to do other than go to the gym. I would start by trying to run for a couple of minutes, then gradually build up. I remember being so excited going home and telling hubby that 'today I ran for 20mins on the treadmill!!'. Next thing you know I am signed up for my first ever 7km run with some friends. YIKES! It took me 52 minutes (which now is about how long it takes me to run almost 10km) but I DID NOT STOP!!! It was the best feeling and just got better from there. Next thing I was doing 15km runs, then on to half marathons (21 kms) and now here I am aiming to do more marathons (42 kms). Phew!

 Me and the girls just before my first ever 7km run - feeling just as nervous as we looked.

So what I am trying to say is that if you really want to do it then quit with the excuses and start small. Set small, achievable goals, whether they just be to run to the end of your road and back without a stop, or a time goal, whatever it is YOU CAN DO IT! And if you enjoy it then set further goals to better yourself. I can't explain how amazing the feeling of achieving a running goal is so you really just have to experience it for yourself. Nothing beats the feeling of achieving your goals. And as I read last night in 'Marathon running - From beginner to elite' by Richard Nerurkar, "There are still no shortcuts to achieving your goals" - which is so simple, but I love, because then you know that you really have worked to achieve!

This is me after my first (and so far only) marathon in Auckland, 2011, feeling rather chuffed.

All the best people, I look forward to hearing stories and comments about running as you set and achieve your own goals. Also, if you have questions feel free to ask and I will try answer them as best as I can, however they will probably mostly only be answered from what I have learned through personal experience, and not everyone is the same.

Be encouraged and run with joy!

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Welcome to my running blog!

Well, here I am in the land of blog...

I never thought I would succumb to the blogging world, however as I am currently on the hunt for a job I find myself with plenty of time. And what better way to spend that time than running and sharing my running with you people!

The aim of this blog is not to just take up my time whilst job hunting, but I have created it in the hopes that I can encourage and inspire people with my running ramblings along my running journey. I do not always find running easy and I am occasionally discouraged, however when I am running with a goal and a purpose it just makes it that much easier and worthwhile.

A little about me you ask? And why would one be so crazy as to just want to run? Well, I do admit, I am not Forrest Gump, however I do enjoy the occasional run, or two...

I began running almost 4 years ago and, a long story cut short, here I am 5 half marathons and one full marathon later with the aim of completing (or at least attempting to complete) 2-3 more full marathons this year. A little ambitious you ask? Well that is what we are here to find out! So watch this space and follow me on my running journey to complete more marathons and possibly beat my personal best each time!

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