Monday, 30 July 2012

Week's 4 and 5 and why I love this training plan... PLUS... Some Monday motivation...

Hello hello!! I have been having a bit of a blog holiday (well actually just been sooooo busy that I haven't had time to blog) so here's the latest installment on the 16 week FIRST training plan...
Weeks 4 and 5.. YAAAY!! But just before I get into that I want to tell you a little about why I love this plan so much and think it's great...

Firstly, it only requires three running sessions a week and I love that because although I am a runner, sometimes I can be a bit of a lazy one. I know that doesn't really make sense, I do love running, promise, but sometimes I just struggle with the motivation. So, for someone like me who gets overwhelmed when I know I'm going to be having a busy week, knowing that I only have to do three run sessions is calming and it just sounds easier. You do also have to fit in two cross training sessions, but I find that quite fun.


Secondly, I love this plan because it has variety. It does not just say you need to get out there and run everyday for and hour but it includes speed work - track runs, tempo runs, and a nice long slow run day. Also having the two cross training sessions are great too as they allow your body and mind to have a break form all the running.

The third reason I love this training plan is because it was made by people who do this sort of thing for a living, it has been tried and tested and has had some great results. I also found, even just from following it for 9 weeks for my last marathon, that I cut off half an hour from my previous time - I put that down to this plan! Awesome!

So here are your 4th and 5th weeks (sorry I am a bit slow with this week's - wk 4)...

Week Four:
Key run #1:
5 x 1000m sprints with 400m RI

Key run #2:
1.5 km easy (1 mi)
6.5km at mid-tempo (4 mi)
1.5 km easy (1 mi)

Key run #3:
32 km at MP + 37seconds
(20 mi at MP + 60)

Week Five:
Key Run #1:
3 x 1600m sprints with 400 m RI     

Key Run #2: 
3 km easy (2 mi)
5 km at short tempo (3 mi)
1.5 km easy (1 mi)
Key Run #3:  
29 km at MP + 28
(18 mi at MP + 45)

Happy training. Here's some Monday motivation to get you through this week's training...

I'm loving the Olympics at the moment and I can't stop thinking everytime i watch and event what determination and effort it must have taken to get that far. This is the epitome of motivation if you ask me!


This is awesome!

Watch the marathoners in the Olympics - that is major motivation!

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