Wednesday, 1 August 2012

The sweet life of CRG...

On Monday night, after work, my husband and I travelled 2 hours down to Auckland where Tim was to be doing some business training for the next two days. Thanks to having the sweet life of semi-employment I had no work over these last two days so decided to tag along with him, hang out in the hotel, go shopping and order room service all day long (not really, but I wish).

The hanging in the hotel is easy, I have been watching the Olympics - and LOVING IT! The shopping was more like window shopping thanks to the speeding ticket we managed to get on the way down - seriously though, the cop must have been bored because it was only 3kms over the limit... DOH! And the ordering room service is actually more like going to New World metro and getting a few snacks... But didn't it sound so much more luxurious before you knew all of this?

Bed + computer + Olympics = bliss!

So yesterday morning I was thinking that I would go and run along the waterfront, part of the course for the Auckland Marathon, but the weather was a little bit crappy and I thought I'd like to make the most of the hotel gym. Therefore I did my key run #1 on the treadmill. I ran my 1000m repeats at 12.5km/h rate with a 1% incline and this pretty much killed me. My rest interval was a mix of walking and lite jogging. I wanted to end with a round time too so ended up staying on the tready for an hour, made easy by being able to watch the Equestrian at the same time. I never knew I liked Equestrian until yesterday!

This morning I did my cross training session on the bike in the gym, did only 40 minutes and then honestly, I got a bit bored! Oops.

Now, because hotels tend to have this 'you have to check out, you can't stay in bed all day watching Olympics' rule, I have to pack up our room and get out by 11. Tim doesn't finish until 4.30ish today so I am going to catch up with one of my favourite friends and her two kidlets for the arvo, and maybe get in a visit to my brother. What treats!

Now just so you know, I am starting a full time job in a month's time, thus the reason I am making the most of this being able to travel around with Tim staying in hotels and being a lady of leisure (with the odd day or two of work in between too). Because when I start my job in a month, I imagine it is going to be all consuming of my life... JOY!

What sports have you surprised yourself by enjoying at the Olympics this year?

Definitely the Equestrian, weightlifting and the odd spot of fencing - so surprised about this one, never thought I would enjoy that! 

What are your not-so-guilty pleasures when you don't have much work on?

Do you prefer treadmill training or out on the road? 

Pretty much always the road, but the treadmill can be kinda good for repeats since you need to measure your distance - esp. if there is no track near by for you to use. However, I just don't think I push myself as hard as I can on a treadmill.   

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  1. I always prefer the road to the treadmill. If you run with a Garmin there is a way to set your Garmin up to do repeats of all distances and you can also program the rest intervals in as well.


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