Monday, 30 April 2012

Rest and recovery...

So after my big run adventure on Saturday, followed by a 5 hour car drive yesterday I thought my body was in need of a little TLC. So here's what I came up with...

After the run I felt great - nothing hurt too much, needed to be amputated, operated on, popped, numbed, or anything else you can think of. However after the car drive home the next day, sitting all squashed in the back of a car, things were starting to stiffen and tighten a little. Eek! So I started today with a 1km easy swim at the pools, very relaxing and no pressure to perform as the only people around were all over 70 and they were doing their own funky aquarobics moves to help them with their own aches and pains.

Following the swim I went and got a great 1 hour massage courtesy of my wonderful friend Kate from Revive Massage Therapy (the best sports massager in town). This got rid of a whole lot of knots and tightness and nastiness that had built up in my legs from all the running. So now I am feeling all relaxed and bendy and flexi like those bendy rubber key ring people you get... You know the ones?

How do you like to recover after a hard training session or big run?? What is the best thing for a sore body?

I then also had a wee lunch date with my husband at work which was delightful.

Starting tomorrow I am joining in on a bootcamp with some peeps from my church for a 10 week bootcamp challenge in which I will help motivate and encourage my team mates (as well as have a good go myself!). That will be fun so we'll see how the body holds up after that. My other wonderful friend Halle from this awesome personal training studio is running the bootcamp so will probably cause me to not want to be her friend anymore... Which could never happen ONLY because I happen to like the feeling of pain from doing such a great exercise. Plus, if she wasn't so good at what she does there would be no pain. And I am a firm believer that...

No pain no gain!

So for the next couple of weeks I will take a wee break from running and focus on the gritty stuff I'll be doing at STOMP! bootcamp, as well as getting back into playing some good, solid hockey. My running will start up again in a little while, but for now watch out abs chick because soon my abs will be visible (and by visible I mean with x-ray glasses)and STILL faster than yours (I hope)!!

Ciao for now,

Runner girl


  1. Hi I like to have an epsom salts bath - works wonders for aching muscles. Enjoy the bootcamp, I love mine - something different to running!

  2. Oooh that sounds great, thanks. I'll have to try it next time. Bootcamp is great huh, nice to have a bit of a change from running every now and then.


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