Thursday, 26 April 2012

True Grit...

I am currently staying with my Uncle and Aunty and two cousins in Rotorua - the city of Saturday's marathon. My Uncle asked me this morning as I was strapping on my running shoes to head out for my last light run before the race: 'What makes you want to just run a marathon?'

'Well', I said, 'great question'. But what is the answer to that I then thought? I told him my story of how I got into running, but then he was still like 'But why a marathon, what is wrong with you girl?'... Haha. I love how whenever you tell someone you are going to run a marathon (that's not a runner or sport-minded) they automatically assume there's something wrong with you.

So I thought about it and here is what I came up with:

Perhaps it is craziness that made me first decide to run a marathon. Or maybe I thought I had something to prove to the world (or just myself, I honestly don't think 'the world' actually cares what I do). But to actually go out and do it takes what I like to call True Grit! AKA determination.

This definition of determination is as so:

Definition of determination

In terms of running a marathon, my true grit/determination is defined as:
  • Getting up out of bed on a Saturday morning (which to everyone else is sleep in day) at 5.30am and hitting the road by 6 (so I can be back by the time everyone is up from their sleep-ins - lucky so and sos!) and running for several hours. 
  • The sore feet, joints, muscles and whole body from the enduring training
  • The 'Can't stay out too late tonight as I have to get up for a long run in the morning' attitude
  • It's putting your running first 
  • It's putting down that cupcake the size of your head
  • It's having your apple crumble and ice cream without the crumble or the ice cream 
  • It's carrying snacks all the time like a mother with a mini van load of children. 
  • It's constantly thinking about how your next move is going to impact on your training and running...
  • It's saving up or sacrificing other things to pay for the race you've entered, new running shoes, sports supplements, clothing, massages, physio, etc. etc.
  • ALL totally worth it!
That is grit, to say the least. But... Here's the catch:

Crossing that finish line knowing you had true grit and determination to get you there without dying is one of THE BEST feelings in the world.  AND... It's addictive, which is where the need to run a second marathon (and possibly more after this one) comes from.

So there you have it people - the short version to answer my Uncle's question is craziness or mild insanity followed by true grit and determination. Viola!

Although I say that I have true determination and grit, I also have God helping me too. This is what the Bible has to say...

Zechariah 4:6b -
'Not by might nor by power, but by my spirit', says the Lord.

So if all else fails God's word never does!

Stay cool kids,


Marathon countdown: 2 more sleeps!

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