Monday, 8 July 2013

Marathon training starts and what I have been up to...

It is the week!! 16 weeks until my marathon so my marathon training officially starts this week and I am sick!! I would like to thank my husband for passing on his laryngitis and head cold... Here's hoping the wee one doesn't get it!

I have had a bit of a blog hiatus for two weeks, busy with life and things in general I suppose. But here's a wee bit of what I got up to in that time...

- I ran my first race post baby - 12km, 1:09:48

My friend and I at around the 8km mark trying to be cool not die.
Phew! Finished!
 - I revisited the 80s...

A dress up party with 80s theme - how unflattering are those tights right!?!

 - My 4 month old son learned how to read...

Hello baby genius!

Back to the marathon... I have been a bit hot and cold about all this marathon business recently - wondering if I am biting off more than I can chew... However, I kind of just figure that I can start with the training plan and just take each week at a time. Plus I already have my race entry so if that's not motivation enough I don't know what it!

I read this awesome blog post this morning about running long distance and how to ease back into it. It has some great tips and advice, I definitely recommend it. It was great for me to read as I haven't run more than 12km in about a year, so I will definitely be finding it a challenge to build up mileage again. 

I haven't run today, instead I did a weights workout with some short and sweet cardio bursts to try and sweat out my cold. Not sure if it has worked or not, all I want to do now is go and have a nap!

Tomorrow I will be doing 3 x 1600m repeats on Mum's treadmill - so thankful she bought a tready! I'm thinking with it being winter and having a baby and all that the treadmill is going to be best for my track workouts. I have never really been a treadmill fan but I am totally on team tready now! The convenience with a baby is just great. I can run while he sleeps or I can watch him play while I run. Brilliant!

Thursday is a 9km tempo run and the long run is 15km. I will usually do my long run on a Saturday but I am playing hockey this Sat so will probably do it Sunday.

Are you training for anything at the moment? 

Do you like track and hill workouts?

What are the best two things you have done in the last two weeks?


  1. Wow, so proud of you for that run! And clever bubby!

  2. The best thing that happened to me in the last two weeks was my birthday! Duh. Also, you are NOT biting off more than you can chew. Chew it up! You got this :)

    1. Thanks Amanda!! I better get chewing then!! Yay for birthdays - mine is two months away and I am already on the count down... haha.


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