Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Speed work in marathon training

Last week I only ended up doing one of my training sessions as I was sick. I decided that I wanted to start my training when I was feeling well, otherwise I would find it hard and that would discourage me to continue. That's my excuse anyway, and I'm sticking with it. I just did my tempo run and then I did some weights, some walks and played hockey on Sat when I was feeling better. We won... You can congratulate me later.

This week I am feeling much better, however, so started the week of training with some speed work yesterday...
- 4 x 800m with 200m rest intervals.
I did these at a 12km/hr pace, which is standard pace for some, but fast for me, the snail. And guess what... It absolutely killed me!

I did this session on my Mum's treadmill so I could keep track of my pace and distance, etc. I did it at a 1% incline to imitate road running, and I had my wee buddy parked up next to me in the sun. Loving our winter sun at the moment, and the fact that I can open Mum's garage to let the sun in while I run. Perfect!

Happy boy playing with his fave toy - the rings.
After my run I was shattered and I think all the watching me running tired Fletch out too - he crashed in the car on the way home. Such a hard job watching Mum run!

So, why are short speed sessions important for marathon training I hear you ask?? Well, here are some facts:
  • Speed sessions help to increase your VO2 Max
  • They improve lactate-threshold running pace
  • Improve leg speed
  • Make you look like an awesome runner when you are sprinting down the road or on the 'mill!
Tomorrow I have a tempo run - 11kms total.
- 1.5km easy
- 8km at marathon pace (I am aiming for about 5.40 mins/km pace)
- 1.5km easy

Then my long run, which I will do Saturday, is 15km.

Do you do speed training in your marathon training? 

Do you prefer road or treadmill?

What is your favourite run in your training - speed, tempo or long?

Anyone want to join me on my long run on Sat? Would LOVE a buddy!

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