Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Shock Absorber Bra Review....

I mentioned on here a little while ago that I had won a Shock Absorber Bra thanks to this fantastic shop, and I just recently got it. I have worn it three times for runs already this week and I LOVE it! I can't believe there is a sports bra out there this good and I only just found out about it!
This is the bra I have, the N109

Since having my bubba, who is now 15 weeks old, my breasts have gotten 3 cup sizes bigger... I know right! WHAT!?! So when I got back into running I was wearing two bras, and even wondering if I needed a third sometimes. Then I got this and just in the one bra, NOTHING MOVES!! And even better, it doesn't squash everything down to make you look like a boy, you still have boobs AND they don't move.

This particular bra that I have got from this brand is their maximum support bra, so great for running and high impact sports. I also wear it for hockey.


I have had a few big-breasted friends say to me that they can't run because of their boobs... Well ladies, let me introduce you to SHOCK ABSORBER. Now there are no more excuses... Unless both of your legs fall off.

Here are the pros and cons of the bra in bullet points, because I am nerdy like that:


  • It has super soft and wide padded straps, as well as a padded area where the clasps are so no rubbing or chaffing on your back. 
  • It has a good firm band so you won't get any under boob slippage 
  • It comes up high enough so your boobs don't bounce out the top.
  • It comes in black, white and beige
  • It's made from high performance, moisture wicking and breathable fabric
  • It has maximum 3 dimensional support
  • It's good for boobs of ALL sizes - sizes go right up to 18G
  • There's no underwire to give you chaffing
  • I just actually can't think of any... Apart from that because of the thicker straps I wouldn't wear it under a racer back style singlet, but I don't wear those for running anyway so there you go!
This brand of bra is perhaps a bit of a higher price range than what you may normally spend (it is for me anyway), but it is totally worth it, trust me! A good sports bra and good running shoes are things you do NOT want to skimp on, especially if you run a lot or play a high impact sport.

You can go to Shock Absorber's site here or Ruun's site here to find out more about the Shock Absorber bras and have a look at their product range. And please ladies, look after your boobs and get yo self a SHOCK ABSORBER! That is unless you want to be able to tuck your boobs into your socks by the time you are 60... That is all :)

P.S. All opinions and comments on this product here are purely my own thoughts and views.


  1. Can so relate to this post!! :) Having babies made my already big boobs massive! Bit more than I would spend on a bra though..might stick with my bendon :) - Bex Pyle

  2. Awesome! I am book marking this for sure. Always on the hunt for a good bra. I can't believe I wore crappy cotton ones for so long. Man am I an idiot.

  3. Unfortunately, I don't have the big boob problem but know of many who do and running can be a pain in the butt! I will definitely let them know about this one.


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