Friday, 10 May 2013

Fitness Friday and an embarrassing moment...

I am joining up with some wonderful people from Running Bloggers to bring you Fitness Friday... Yaaaaaay!

Fitness Friday is all about talking about... Can you guess? Yip, fitness - one of my fave topics!

Anyway, today my workout was SPIN CLASS!! I love spin class and this was my first one since I was about 6 months preggers... Woohoo! It felt so good. Hard, but great at the same time. If you haven't tried a spin class before, here's why you should and what I love about it:
  • You work up a mean sweat
  • It's great for burning calories
  • It's an awesome fitness builder
  • It's a challenging cardio workout
  • It's a really great cross-training workout and a break from running
  • It's high intensity and you are doing it with a group
  • It'll help get you the strong legs and toned but that you've always wanted - I need to do about a gazillion more spin classes before I get these I think.
I forgot to get some happy snaps from the class (lucky for you!) so here's an ecard just for you:

True story!
Day 10, Friday: Most embarrassing moment. Spill.  

Well, for people that know me you probably think that my whole life is an embarrassing moment... I say and do some stupid things. However I just really don't seem to get that embarrassed. My husband says that I have foot in mouth disease as I am always putting my foot in it. I am also the 'One-Step-Too-Far Girl' - that one speaks for itself. But here's one story you might appreciate...

One time I was at a rugby game watching my friend (who is now my husband) play, it was an out of town game. I look across the stadium and see this guy that looks so familiar. I say to my friend 'Oh, there's that guy I have been telling you about, what a random place to see him, let's go chat to him'. So off we go to talk to him and I go to introduce him to my friend and when I say his name he kinda just laughs and says 'That's not my name'. I'm all like 'Good one buddy, yes it is'. His mates look at me like a crazy person, I spend far too long trying to convince him that yes, he is this guy I know, and after a ridiculous amount of time, I realise that actually I don't know this guy. Awesome. 

Can't remember if I even stayed to watch the game after that, it's was pretty embarrassing to say the least. Crazy alert! 

What's your most embarrassing moment? Do you have a tendency to get foot in mouth disease like me?


  1. Hahahahahaha that is an awesome embarrassing moment story!! Made me LOL hehe ;-)

  2. As a Spin instructor , I couldn't agree with you more! It is a great workout and cross train for runners. Happy Friday!!

  3. LOL! Funny story ;) Happy Friday!

  4. LOL, too funny! Um ya I have too many of those embarrassing moments to go into! Great post, thanks for making me smile!

    Shannon at I Survived and Now I Run

  5. Hahaha I LOVE that embarrassing moment. So hilarious! It really takes a lot to get me embarrassed too...I think we both have foot-in-mouth disease ;)

  6. ha Ha that's cute! I have about a million moments that make me cringe stored up in my noggin. I can't even remember the latest one..I'm either getting better at shrugging them off, or they've all blended into one big feeling of shame.

  7. haha that is great! Love embarrassing stories! Also love what you love about spin class!!!


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