Tuesday, 9 April 2013

I'm back on the move... My first post-partum (birth) run...

The blog post you've all been waiting for...

This morning was such a beautiful morning so I was very happy to get out for my walk with Fletch in the buggy. It's been 6 weeks since Fletcher was born and I didn't intend on running but on the stretch home, after I'd walked about 3 or so km already, I decided to see how I would go running the rest of the way home. It was only 2km but I managed to run all the way home and keep all my insides... On the inside. Phew!

Smiling after my run. And nice to be back in some old running gear.
 My exercise goals consist of this at the moment:
- 3 or 4 walks (now I will be trying to throw one run in) a week
- 2 weight sessions a week.

I have been great with the walking, walking 4 times a week, but the weights not so much. Maybe just one session a week, if that. My goal is to improve on the weights as I need to strengthen my pelvic floor, legs and glutes everything again for running.

So how did I feel running? I felt excellent! I only stopped to go over the curbs when crossing the road so that Fletch didn't fly out of the buggy. And how did he go? He LOVED it! He didn't bump around any more than he would with me walking - don't worry, if it was too rough for him I would not have continued. My body felt pretty great, it was just a flat run so no aches (yet!), and I didn't wet my pants... Or maybe I did but would you really want to know if I actually did?

I won't be out doing any crazy runs any time soon but I will definitely keep going with this as it felt so good to be running again. Not to mention, it felt like I had new running clothes as I can now fit into old clothes again... Yay! I am sure I was going crazy slow running but I felt like I was flying! Oh, and my face wasn't even the colour of a chilli by the time I got home - very surprising!

Then I got to hang out with this super handsome dude for the rest of the day...
My fave boy crashed out after a big run... 6 weeks old and living the good life!
Next post to watch out for: Essentials for running part 2. Be warned, I may try to be a little bit funny in this one. Or so I think... Not sure if anyone else would...


  1. Way to go, Rachel! You are such an inspiration :) I'm trying to figure out my exercise regime after work which is proving a little tricky.. But we are coming into spring which is such an incentive!

    1. thanks Clare! Yes, I always find weather a good motivator. Good luck, I can barely juggle a baby, a home and exercise, let alone a job too. You do an amazing job!

  2. That's awesome! I'm so jealous! I gained way too much weight to run right away. I need to wait till a drop some weight! I'm definitely walking a lot though. So happy for you

    1. Thanks Hanna. You will be fine. I'm sure the weight will drop off just running around after your three kids. You are super Mum! Look forward to sharing the journey with you :)

  3. Great effort after only six week...wow! I know exactly what you mean about feeling like you insides will drop out though, I don't miss that feeling :-)


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