Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Keeping active on holiday

Happy New Year everyone! I hope you all had a lovely time and celebrated in style!! I had a lovely time, first with a few days at the beach with my family, followed by a week with Tim and his family at their holiday home. Was nice to have a whole week off with Tim as well, not to mention being by the beach too!

This post, I hope, will encourage you to be, and stay, active whilst on holiday. I made it my mission to be as active as I could - mostly because I just ate my way through Christmas and into the New Year... Oops.

Is that the baby getting bigger or just my stomach? Can't tell but we'll just say (and hope) it's the baby... haha.

So here are some of my activities that I did to stay active on holiday, plus a few more ideas chucked in there too... Especially some things that I am not doing whilst preggers...

1. I did lots of walking -  because where Tim's family bach (holiday home) is, a lot of 4WD is required, over quite rough and bumpy terrains, therefore I would often walk a lot. I would either start walking half an hour or so before everyone else did and then get them to pick me up on the way, or I would get dropped off and walk back. I would also just get out and walk certain bits as well, including some seriously nasty hills... Yikes! As I am no longer running I didn't run, but you could substitute the walking for running if you liked.

2. I LOVE Kayaking so made it my little hobby to go for my daily Kayak - great for the arms and upper body!
I know I don't look too happy but trust me, I'm totally in my happy place here.
3. Fishing - we did lots of this, of which I thoroughly enjoyed... See photo above. This doesn't really require a lot of activity, more just standing around, but we would often have a fair hike to get to the 'perfect' fishing spot so that is where the activity comes in.

Three girls in our fishing uniform... We accidently were all wearing similar striped tops... Ah great minds!

4. As it is our summer holiday (sorry for all you people in winter right now!) and we were right near the beach, swimming is definitely a MUST! It is the best way to stay active in the hot weather and still be refreshed and not die in the heat!

5. Other options could also be getting out and playing sports - on the beach, in a paddock or on the front lawn. Soccer, cricket, tennis, you name it, it's a fun and social way to stay active.

6. Surfing and paddle boarding are also great for all you surf bunnies out there. Something I would have been very keen to get into this summer had there not been a slight issue of a wee bump in the way :)

And after all of this active-ness relaxation is a MUST! After all, isn't this what holidays are all about?

My other happy place - shade with my book - bliss!
How do you keep active on holiday?

How do you like to relax after an active day?


  1. oooh you've done so many cool things!
    I used to do A LOT of fishing with my family when I was in high school - I would love to pick that up again.
    Never went kayaking or surfing before - lucky lady!

  2. Sounds like an awesome holiday!


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