Thursday, 27 December 2012

Christmas delights...

I absolutely love Christmas and always have, however it gets a bit different when you are all grown up. It seems to loose some of it's spark. Still fun and exciting but there are all the added bits in there that you never had to think of as a child. However, next Christmas is going to be the best with our little one here. I already know this and I am already excited about this!! 363 days to go...

But here's what I did this year...

Since we had Christmas with Tim's family a couple of weeks ago, we spent Christmas day with my family.

Lunch picnic with Tim's extended family

Brunch picnic in the park with immediate family - Tim has 3 brothers, 1 sister and 1 sister-in-law.
On Christmas morning we had brunch with my Mum's family. Even though it's summer here and it was really hot and humid, unfortunately it was pretty much pouring with rain the whole day (Thanks Cyclone Evan!). So we stayed inside to eat, drink, and be merry... And merry we were (well, some of use anyway).

After brunch with them we headed out to my Dad's house where we had a lovely relaxing afternoon playing cards and games and cooking everything for our lovely Christmas dinner. We pretty much kept eating all day, it was so good!

Remember this guy...

Super huge Turkey that I won.
Well it went from this, to this...

Freshly cooked and filled with the most delicious stuffing!

Fruit platters galore - I just can't get enough of the beautiful, fresh summer fruit at the moment and am pretty sure I demolished most of this platter myself!

I am trying to look skinny in this photo... Can you tell?? 2 months to go...

Christmas dinner, complete with Christmas table cloth and all!
There was also Christmas pudding with my Step-Mum's famous Christmas ice cream to follow, however I was probably too busy eating it to actually get a photo of it. So good! Unfortunately I also forgot to get a photo of the tree with all the pressies under it, but most of them were for our unborn child... Soooo much fun opening those!

Even though it was a wet Christmas we had a lovely day celebrating with family and lots of food, fun and pressies. We really are so blessed to be able to have a Christmas with all of those things and I am so thankful for that!

How was your Christmas? Did you spend time with friends or family, or both?? 

Did you pretty much eat all day long like us?

What do you love most about Christmas?
I enjoy the family time and the fact that we are celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ - our greatest gift ever!


  1. That fruits platter is looking SO fresh. Any type of moderation and healthy eating has flown out the window so I need to get back in the flow of things.

    I agree that Christmas loses its spark a little when you're older..I seeeriously love seeing little kids so,so excited for it though. Makes my day.

    You look BEAUTIFUL that pic!

  2. Glad you had an awesome Christmas Rach. Impressed by your turkey- wow! Can't wait for next year with mini Dow too! -Kirsty-


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