Saturday, 7 July 2012

This is a tribute - not the Jack Black version though...

Here's a tribute to the super family I married into... They're seriously like a bunch of sporty spices...

Ok, so not quite the sporty spice I was meaning, more like this bunch of sporty spices...

Mum and Dad with 3 out of the 5 kids (P.S. all you ladies out there, bottom right hand corner = single to mingle!)

So here's a bit of history to my in-law family...

My husband, let's start there...
He's not a runner but has been a professional rugby player for about 13 years...

He's sexy and I know it!

I am, and always will be, his biggest fan!

Professional rugby has been good to both of us. Not only has Tim loved every minute of it and made a great living out of it, but it's allowed us to travel to wonderful places like these:

Cinque Terra in Italy where we lived for almost 2 years *blessed*

Nice, South of France, holiday destination at the end of a season *doubly blessed*

 It's not all fun and games and travelling holidays though, there was some hard work involved... For Tim that is!

Now he has retired from professional rugby and now he's my biggest fan and supporter... Love it!

Before my first marathon, October 2011.

Anyway, back to his awesome family...

Tim is the second oldest, the older brother Jon (left hand side of the family photo above) ran his first marathon last year also, in 3.20 - legend!

The youngest two, Bex and Andy (kneeling in the photo above) also ran their first marathons last year and just completed their second one last weekend - the Gold Coast Marathon in Australia. Woohoo!! Mum and Dad ran their first half marathons last year and just ran their second one in the Gold Coast last weekend too, majorly cutting time of last year's time. They owned that half marathon like a boss! Not to mention the couple of triathlons my MIL has done. She's putting me to shame, I know!


I'm not sure who started off whom but it seems to be a great bunch with goals getting bigger and better! My kids are going to be baby sporty spices, no excuses! 

And don't forget this moment from earlier on in the year...

Running with my MIL - I'm sure I was happier than I look!

So is it in the blood or is it in the name? Either way, I belong to a family of keen runners and athletes... No pressure or anything Rach! I love my in-law family, I couldn't have asked for a better one. They challenge me and inspire me and are ever supportive and encouraging! Thanks Dows, you dudes are legendary! I hope to be able to run with you all one day!

What is your family like, or your in-law family? Do you have a family of sporty spices? Who encourages you in your running/sports?


  1. What an awesome family Rach - you are amazing as well!!

    1. Thanks Kristy! You have a pretty awesome wee family yourself :)

  2. You are very lucky to have married into such a great family! Those are some talented runners there too!

    1. Thanks, I sure am! Seriously great runners!

  3. Love this and love YOU Rach!!


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