Sunday, 10 June 2012

Hardcore to the full bore

More and more recently I have been doing things or realising things that have made me think about how serious I am getting about this whole running business. So much so that I thought you lucky people would like to read a blog post about it... Don't worry, you can thank me for it later :)

Here are my top 10 ways you know you are a hardcore runner (or trying to be, like me):

1. You have a shoe collection like this:

And you get more excited about new running shoes than you do about any other type of new shoes (sad but true!).

2. The pile of books on your coffee table, in the toilet, next to your bed, or wherever, looks like this:

Yes, all running books (Yes, that does say for 'Serious Runners' - I'm attempting to take things to the next level, I'll let you know how it goes).

3. You have started to wear sports brand clothing as casual wear - probably my saddest confession, I must say.

Thanks Nike for this casual wear

4. EVERYTHING tastes better dipped in some peanut butter!

5. Your earliest night of the week is a Friday or Saturday night (because you are doing  your long run the following day).

6. You have Nana naps that are longer than your actual Nana's naps.

7. You are constantly resetting your speedo in the car to measure distances of different routes.

8. You get more excited about buying new sports wear than you do casual wear.

9. Your life gets organised around your training plan.

10. You're always looking up running motivation and quotes like these:

11. You start planning your next race before you've even done the current one you are training for.

So what things to you do that show that you are serious about running? What are your 'hardcore' habits? Do any of these things sound like a bit of you??

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  1. I agree with all of these and they sound a lot like me!! I think another sign would be spending all of your money on races and scheduling your life around your races as well as your training!


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