Monday, 21 May 2012

Monday Mileage...

I'm not going to lie to you good folk out there...

My weekend was a bit on the slack side. I didn't play hockey on Friday night as I was at a fundraising auction. However, I did do a 10km run on Saturday morning. I enjoyed it after I was able to drag my butt out of bed - which was extremely hard, a far cry from a few weeks ago! But once I got going it was enjoyable and I felt good. Also, since I have been doing bootcamp I have homework to complete each week for it. This week I had to do these things: (the number is a minimum number but pretty much everything I did double, or more, of):

25 pull ups
1 x Parihaka hill run (a crazy steep mountain in our town that takes about 15-20mins to run up and has HEAPS of steps)
2.5km run
100 bicycle leg ab crunches
5 x 1 min ab bridge
50 squat and calf raise

I have been doing these over the week and also over the weekend.

I also did another type of exercise this weekend - what I like to call the
NEW JEANS WORKOUT!! This include lunges, squats and any other stretches that you can think of to help loosen up new jeans a little (all you girls out there will know what I am talking about - and Emo boys who like to wear girl's jeans).

See how the jeans pretty much look like tights here? They basically are!

Trying to stretch without ripping - that could be awkward!
So I went out on Saturday to buy a present for my friend's baby shower and came home with a new pair of jeans... Woops! They were/are still majorly, seriously, ridiculously (maybe a little too) tight! Thus the reason for the new jeans workout. Perhaps I actually just need to eat less to fit into them better instead of trying to stretch them more??? Or maybe even buy a bigger size... Haha, jokes - that's NEVER the solution!

The lunge jean walk - the best jean stretcher move out!

Oh but don't worry, I did get my friend her present! I think a very cool one too - got (for the Mum since everyone else buys for the baby) a hair voucher and a massage voucher - some post baby pampering will be in order for sure!

So what exercise/s did you get done over the weekend? Did anyone compete in an event or have a particular workout they did? And have you ever had to do the NEW JEANS WORKOUT???

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