Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Packing and remembering...

Getting all excited for the up-and-coming race and it is my first 'big travel' race... Woop!

Today we are heading down to Rotorua, about a 5 hour drive, and run is on Saturday. Packing was successful last night - never want to forget anything important for a big race so had everything I need (and plenty more) laid out on the bed for double and triple checking (plus plenty more things not included in this photo).

Running essentials - including double ups - can never be too careful.

But before all of the race buzz begins, today my day started with the alarm sounding at 5am to get up and get to the ANZAC dawn parade. Time to remember the real heroes of our country and history before heading off on a big trip. Also time to remember the sacrifice Jesus made for us, just like all those very brave soldiers 97 years ago.

Field of remembrance

Me in the field - looking rather tired, yes, but alas... I was!
So now that I have begun my day I will quadruple check that I have all I need for Saturday's race, get in a hearty breakfast and then off we embark on a fun little road trip.

Marathon countdown: 3 more sleeps... Eek!


  1. Rach, have a fantastic time. I will be thinking of you. You have put in so much hard work you will be awesome!

  2. Love this Rach! I am also so thankful to all those ANZACs who paid the ultimate price for our freedom today, and of course, to Jesus.
    Hope your run is fantastic! Will be great to do one of these with you one day! Can't wait for the day when I will be strong enough to start running again, really miss my daily 10kms.
    Have so much fun on your little road trip with Tim! Road trips are wonderful for hanging out for hours with husbands =).
    Much love to you both and can't wait to hear all about it! Kirsty

  3. Wahooooo - look at your flash new blog! Very nice! All the BEST RACH! You are going to smash it! Can't wait to hear all about it... I need some of your inspiration! ps - make sure your hubby takes tons of pictures! You need to capture this SIGNIFICANT event! :)

  4. Good Luck! Hope the race goes well!

  5. Thank you all - your encouragement is greatly received. I need it all and will be thinking about it while sloggin it out on the course.

    Kirsty - yeesh! 10kms a day - you little ripper!

    Bex - Glad you like the new and improved look.

    Zoe - i love your blog, it is very encouraging and love hearing other people's running trials, experiences, tips and stories. I will point people in your direction for sure :)


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