Sunday, 12 February 2012

Running mate...

 I am going to share my running stories with you all and in those stories I will talk about all the different aspects I have learned about - such as nutrition, training, goal setting, shoes and clothing, injuries, and the list goes on. I will share what has and hasn't worked for me and, although everyone is different, you might like to try some things I mention and you might also find that things that have worked for me don't work for you. That is the beauty of running, I think you are constantly learning new things about the sport and about yourself through it. Ah, it's a wonderful thing!

So I have already shared with you about how I got started running and now I love it! I can't live without it - when I don't run I don't feel good. It gives me pleasure and pain, sometimes at the same time, but the pleasure ALWAYS outweighs the pain!

Not to say that there aren't times when I just don't feel like going for a run - because there sure are! For example, today. I have decided to set a new goal of running the Rotorua marathon on the 28th April - my first marathon for 2012, that's right folks, you heard it here first - you are all my accountability. So in order to do this I have gotten myself a running program and have set runs/distances I need to complete in order to be able to successfully run the marathon. Today's run was a 19km run and I normally do my long runs on a Saturday but worked yesterday, therefore it was today. I got home from Church and this was the last thing I felt like doing but the best part was that as soon as I was about 10mins into the run I began to enjoy, just like usual and it ended up being a great run. I ran slowly and got through it and ended at the beach where I had a swim to cool down and my lovely husband to give me cold water and drive me home. Long run number 2 = a success... Which is good because when you are training for a marathon 19kms is still actually a rather small distance.

So here's one of the first things I learned on my running journey:
The most important thing about deciding to get running is to have a supportive someone - whether it's a husband, wife, friend, family member, neighbour, trainer, or whoever - everyone needs a someone that is going to support their goals, their ambitions and their triumphs. That is what I think helps me to achieve my running goals the most - the fact that my husband is encouraging and supporting me all the way through the journey. He meets me half way during long runs with water, sports drinks and the occassional lolly, he's there at the finish line of big races (and the start), he drops me places, picks me up from places, cooks me meals when the race is over, buys me treats and he celebrates my achievements. If you haven't got someone like that to get you through your running (and I actually think it goes for everything in life) you need to get someone like that NOW! Step number one. Do it!

Here's a little pic of me and my 'supportive someone' at the start line of my first marathon. Couldn't have done any of it without him :)

So until next time, get out there and give it a go  and... Enjoy your running!


  1. you guys are too cute.
    Yes! A support team is so necessary!

  2. You are inspiring!! I haven't done long distance running for years but you've got me thinking about it! x


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