Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Running - what do you want to know?

I am back! After a couple of loooovely long weekends altering my routine I am back and hitting the pavement better than ever... Well trying to make it better than ever that is.

So, I realised that I have started this blog and, as already mentioned previously, I want it to motivate, encourage and inspire you all. In order for that to happen it would be great to know what you would like to read about relating to running and my experiences. As I have also said, most of the things I say (unless otherwise noted) will pretty much just be from my own experiences running and from what I have learned through my running journey. However, I am always learning and researching more about my new found sport so I hope i will be able to give educated answers :)

So please, feel free to leave some comments about what it is you would like to read and learn a bit more about and I will do my best to answer questions and use what I have learned as a guide.

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