Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Maintaining running fitness...

Over the last few weeks since my half marathon and marathon, I have really been taking it easy. I have been enjoying going for runs without any expectations on them. However, I have not been running anywhere near as much as I was when training and I definitely haven't been pushing myself in my running.

This morning I got myself geared up, strapped my wee buddy in the buggy and headed out for a buggy run.

There is actually a child in there, promise!

My stunning scenery - the sea is back there somewhere.
It was 8.30am and cray-zizzle hot and I chose to do a 6km buggy run with mega hills. I felt every bit of it and ended up having to walk some of the hills, and even that almost caused me to pop a lung! I was so tired at the turnaround point that I had to make an excuse of stopping to take photos for my blog to give me a rest!

6 weeks ago I was running a marathon, now I'm popping a lung!

I was running a marathon, now I'm popping a lung! Whaaaaat!

If you have no idea what I am on about, watch this video... My fave part of the whole movie, I cried laughing!

Anyway. This got me thinking about losing running fitness. I was so surprised at how hard some of my longer runs have been feeling. I can't believe that it has happened so fast too. Who would have thought that not running would cause you to lose running fitness?? If only you could stay as fit by sitting on the couch watching youtube videos all day!

So this brings me to some tips on maintaining running fitness:

1. If you can't run to keep up your fitness due to a running injury, try a high intensity workout like a spin class, excellent for fitness maintenance and it is less impact on your body than running.
2. You don't have to run for miles and miles like in marathon training but make sure you keep some hills in there and maybe even a few sprints every now and then to help keep speed, leg strength and fitness up.
3. Do some weight work to help you keep leg and core strength.
4. Change it up a bit by adding in some fun social sports to your workouts. I have been playing summer soccer and that is so much fun, and a killer workout with all the short sprints I do up and down the field (which is pretty much all I do out there).
5. If you have lost all motivation after a long time training for a big event then get a running buddy. This will help you get out there and it is a lot more fun running with someone else.
6. Don't lose your routine. Make sure running, or whatever exercise you choose to do, stays as part of your daily routine. 

And don't be hard on yourself. Remember you have just done a huge event, or recovered from an injury or come back after some time off (whatever it may be), so things aren't going to be the same as where you left them. You will have to work a bit to get it back but once you are into the swing of things you'll be running as good as ever in no time.

Now time to follow my own advice!!

Just on another note (and because I know you think my baby is as awesome as I do), my baby has been practicing his ninja skills and seems to be getting them down to a fine art...
This is how I have found him sleeping twice in the last week. I have no idea how he gets himself upside down in his smaller-than-average cot but I sooo wish I could have seen the whole thing!

How long does it take you to lose your running fitness? 

Any other tips on how to maintain it or get it back quickly?

Favourite time of year to run?


  1. When I was running, the one thing that kept me going was running with a buddy. How else was I going to get up for a 5 am 10k run??? Can't believe I used to do that now! Loving Fletch's little crossed over ankles. So kissable!

  2. I think number six is really important. Once I lose my routine, it's over. I read in Runners World that it takes 3 weeks to get back up to your previous fitness if you take 3 weeks off and do absolutely nothing.


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