Friday, 15 November 2013

My body has been on strike and I'm racing tomorrow...

As you know, I ran a marathon just under two weeks ago. In the lead up to the marathon I was uber zealous and in 'that happy running place' so thought I would sign up to the Kerikeri half marathon two weeks after it (the marathon). So this race is tomorrow.

Since the marathon my body seems to have gone on strike. I got a pretty bad ankle injury - which I am guessing is an overuse injury - and I got laryngitis and was a bit sick for a week. I did not get sick or injured my whole 4 months of training and then the week or two after the marathon my body seems to have just had enough. Needless to say, the only exercise I have done over the last two weeks is a few walks and two swims. Eek!

marathon recovery
I guess that's what you could call all the couch sitting I have been doing lately.
Anyway. I have still decided to stagger run the half tomorrow. I have no idea how it will go and I have no expectations of myself but I am looking forward to it. My only goal for tomorrow is to enjoy it!

So here I go, off to run what will very likely be my last race of 2013, tomorrow. Can't wait!

Anyone else racing this weekend?

Does your body ever go on strike after an event (or just anytime)?


  1. Oh no, sorry to hear you've been so unwell :( Best of luck for tomorrow, I hope it goes well! Just enjoy the run, and don't worry about the time :)

  2. You're probably running as I type, but best wishes anyway, and I hope that ankle behaves!
    I'm racing again next weekend, but my body has enjoyed the last couple of weeks rest!

  3. Saw you went sub-2! Congrats, friend!


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