Friday, 4 October 2013

The ultimate motivation, running catch ups and fuelling like a BOSS...

A few of you may have already seen this clip already but if you haven't, you NEED to check it out. Here is the ultimate motivational clip:

The last couple of weeks have been great for training. My speed sessions are getting better and better, I am feeling a lot fitter and am running my repeats at a faster speed, which I LOVE!

I have been quite slack with my cross training lately but have been running 4 times a week. It is hard to fit all the things in that I would like to with having a baby but I am really happy with everything that I am managing all the same. I have even been doing my core and some leg workouts in the evenings in front of the TV.

With it being Spring now I have also loved getting out on the road every chance I get to run in this beautiful weather. I have been taking Fletch for a few more buggy runs again now that it is warming up too. He loves it, I love it, we all win. I really love spring, it is such a beautiful season and it brings all the promises of summer ahead... YAY!

Last Saturday I did a 32km run and it was gorgeous but soooo HOT! I took it nice and slow but finished feeling good. I think it was because I fueled like a BOSS the night before that got me through it. My pizza and wine that I had the night before at my girls' dinner really did the trick... Perhaps i had better work on my nutrition if I want to be a better runner... Eek! (Please excuse my terrible phone photography):

This is a metre long pizza with three different toppings - my happy place!

Love running along the water front on a beautiful sunny day
 This is my next bit of fuel for tomorrow's long run... I know, I take this carb loading thing to a whole new level!
I'm going to need a REALLY big cup of tea to dunk this bad boy!
Although I am sure I will have a bite or two of this delicious morsel, I must add that I actually bought this for my hubs. The chunks in it are actually pineapple lumps which are his fave. And it was only $3... I still can't believe it. It would have been plain wrong to NOT have bought it.

Tomorrow I have a shorter long run planned of about 25ish kms (give or take - I am a bit more relaxed about this one as we will be away). The following week will be my last long run of about 34kms and then it is TAPER TIME!! Woah, the countdown really is on now! Less than a month to go!

P.S. If you are new to running (or not but still like a good read) then Amanda over at The Lady Okie Blog is doing a series called 'How to Start Running'. She has some awesome tips, advice and fun stories and I feature in her latest post, part two. Follow the link above and go check it out! YEOW!!

How do you fuel for your long runs?

Favourite cookie?
Mine would have to be a good old home made choc chunk and oat cookie
Favourite season to run?
Mine is def Spring as summer can just get a wee bit too hot


  1. a cookie the size of my face would be totally delicious right now!! my favorite is oatmeal raisin......or oatmeal chocolate chip......

  2. a massive pizza and a massive cookie...yep that would straight to my butt!

  3. I don't think in Europe you can find any pizza or cookie as big as the pictures above :D Great Motivational Clip!! My favorite season to run is fall.... Love the color and the cold breeze in the air!

  4. that cookie is huge!!!! i want to eat it :)

  5. Wow, that cookie is insane! Gotta buy one of those or make one myself this weekend. Thanks for the running tips and motivation as always Rachel!


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