Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Beaten by a door and free race entry to giveaway...

Last weekend I had a relaxed 22kms planned. My running buddy lives just around the road from me (so convenient) and we always meet at the same time and same place for our long runs. I am always the one that gets there a minute or two late - although I always say I am just allowing her some warm up/stretch time because I am such a kind and thoughtful friend.

This Saturday, however, I was more than a couple of minutes late. Just as I was about to get changed and head out the door I had a weeeee accident...

Door 1, Rachel 0
Yip, I walked into the door. Blonde much? And not actually just the door, but the corner of the door. And yip, it hurt! It makes me shudder to think about it now. It was so hard and crazy sore! The stupidest thing ever, I was laughing and crying at the same time because of how much it hurt and how silly it was.

Anyway, moving along now...

Once I got on the road I managed to forget about the throbbing pain in my head, right in behind my eye, and actually enjoyed the run. I ended up running for 22kms and walking the last 2km home.

I am so excited to be on the downhill to the marathon now. Less than two weeks to go and I am feeling great. All the hard work has been done, now I am just on cruise/taper mode til the big day. I have been thinking about the goals I want to set for race day but have not completely decided on them yet so there will be a post about those coming very soon.

On another note, I also did a whole bunch of baking this weekend for some random people in my hood. It was great fun and I really enjoyed being back on the baking wagon for a few hours.

Some of the treats I whipped up
I am so excited about my upcoming marathon that I decided to go ahead and register for another race... Only two weeks after the marathon. Yikes! I certainly have 'the bug'. I am still a little nervous as to whether I will be able to (or should) run a half marathon so soon after a marathon but I think I will be fine and worst case scenario would mean I walk for a bit (or a lot). No biggie.

So I registered for this half marathon and I also have a free entry to give away. All you have to do is leave a comment here on the blog, or here on my facebook page letting me know that you have entered the race and you will be in the draw to win the cost of your ticket back. That is a bonus and $49-$67 that can go towards my Christmas present. Thanks, you are too kind :)

Entries for the half close 10th November, and early bird entries (cheaper price) close 27th Oct - this coming Sunday. Get in quick people, it is an AWESOME race.

Anyone else ever been beaten up by a door, some stairs, a wall or the like? 

Anyone else racing soon? Running a full or half marathon?

Any bakers out there? Do you bake for yourself or to give away as treats?  


  1. Yeouch that looks sore!! I can so imagine you laugh-crying! :-)

  2. Ouch! That looks painful! I did something similar about a month ago and boy did it hurt! Your marathon is right around the corner! Good luck! I know you are going to do great!

    1. Yip, painful indeed! Glad to hear I'm not the only one :) Thanks so much for the encouragement!

  3. ow! your poor head!
    Yum to the baking!
    oohh....what a cool prize!

  4. yes im doing the Auckland half next weekend... yikes... totally agree with the set a challenge not a ny resolution thing. when I signed up for this thing I was doing zero exercise, was far too fat, not mention tired all the time. and now its around the corner and I actually think its possible? who knew?

    1. Awesome Nadine! What a legend! That is great work. i hope you enjoy the half and get the bug... Running is sooo addictive :)

  5. Ooh, nasty... I had a similar accident once, staying at my mother-in-law's house. I got up in the middle of the night to go to the loo and on my way out of the bathroom walked straight into the edge of the door, that had shifted while I was... occupied. I had left the light off so I didn't see it had moved. And I was laughing quietly at myself while my eyes were watering from the pain. Gosh, five more sleeps until the Auckland Marathon - I'm doing the half. Scary! btw, I love baking too :)

    1. Aaah, eek!! Sucks huh - it's a hurt ego as well as a hurt face... haha.
      I have just been checking out your blog and ALL your food looks amazeballs!! Can you please come and be my personal chef!! Good luck for the halfy, see you sat x


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