Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Updates on marathon training and life lately...

The last couple of weeks have not been the best for my training, unfortunately. However, I am on the up now as GUESS WHAT IS IN MY GARAGE......

A treadmill... Can you believe it? I had always been the person that really did not like running on a tready and didn't understand why people didn't just run on the road... Until I had a baby and realised that actually getting out on the road for a run wasn't always that easy.

I have mentioned in past posts that I have been going to Mum's place to do some runs on her tready and now she has so kindly lent it to me for the next two months. I will be able to use it for my training until my marathon. I am SOOO EXCITED! Is that a really lame thing to be excited about?

It is great for my speed runs as I don't have a track to use and I can run while Fletch is sleeping, or playing next to me. I'll still try and get out on the road and run when I can but it will be so great having it right there for when I can't. My Saturday long runs have been the best so far and I have been really loving them. Last weekend I ran 21kms and on Saturday I ran 25kms.

We stopped here during our run on Sat for some sightseeing and photo ops
My friend taking the photo said "look energetic"... Unfortunately I translated that to "look dorky" but I totally nailed the dorky look!
Slightly more normal

I have been doing my long runs with a friend who is also training for the Auckland marathon and I have really loved running with her. We run at a really easy pace where we can chat the whole way and it is really nice sharing it with someone. As this is her first marathon she has been upping her distances a little slower than me and yesterday she ran 23kms, her furthest run ever... Sooo awesome! You all know that feeling when you run your furthest distance ever and what an achievement that is. Celebration city! I was super proud of her as she hasn't had the smoothest training run so far with a few injuries and things, but she just keeps on going. Trooper!

Here are some other things that I have been up to lately, with some bullets, because everyone loves a good bullet point...
  • This guy turned 6 months and is a real fun little character
I'm sure he gets cuter everyday :)
  • This guy had his first Father's Day and thought it would be cool to celebrate the occasion by wearing matching Father and son outfits:
Two best looking boys around x
  • This guy has started learning how to swim and totally loves the pool:
  • Me and my little swimming buddy
    • He also loves the swing:
      As do I

  • I have been back teaching one day a week for the last few weeks and I am really enjoying it. It was really hard at first to leave Fletch but each week gets easier and he is such a cruiser so I don't have to worry about him at all. I have a friend who looks after him for the day and it's nice to know he is in good hands :)
  • Sunday officially marked the first day of Spring which is super exciting. Although we have had one of the best winters I can remember in a very LONG time, I am still stoked to have some nice weather heading our way. I think this summer I just want to set up a tent at the beach and live in it for 3 months with my boys. So today we tried out our sun shelter on the front lawn... Fletch relaxed and I weeded the garden...
Worked a treat!
So far this week I have done a speed session on the tready and today I did a bootcamp session which included some hill sprints... Yeow! Tomorrow I have a 9.5km tempo run. I haven't been doing as many hill runs as I used to so on my long run this weekend I am going to do one of my old favourite hilly routes. It'll kill me but I need it!

How has your running been going? 

Do you like swings? 

Do you like running hills or do you avoid where at all possible? 


  1. A treadmill sounds very handy when you have a baby and can't leave the house - he looks a very happy chappy by the way!
    I love hills because they really do make you stronger. I've been avoiding them lately because of my knee, and I feel a lot weaker. Hope you enjoy your hilly long run!

  2. Your baby is ADORABLE! And yes, swings are awesome. Hills? Not so much.

  3. Love reading your posts so i can live vicariously through you haha .. makes me feel fit tehe ;-) Def. no running going on here as hayfever season has hit so no outside for me anymore *wah* but YAY go you good thing with your treadmill - so good to have for when you can't get out with baby in tow! Looking forward to hearing how the marathon goes - what an inspiration you are :-) xo

  4. My running has been going well so far! Last week I hit a hiccup and skipped my speed session and had to change a long run from monday until wednesday of this week, but other than that, everything has been going as planned :) I like running hills! They always make me feel so much stronger when I'm done :D

  5. i like running outside SO much better! happy 6 months to your little guy - he is so cute!

  6. looking good Rach and whanau :)

  7. Glad you were able to borrow the tready! I can just imagine how tough it is to get a run in while you are taking care of a baby who is so stinkin' cute! Looks like your training is going really well. I wish I had some local scenic routes for my long runs!

  8. Totally not a lame thing to be excited about! I would love to have one, just if the weather is bad and I don't want to run outside. I'm excited for you!


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