Saturday, 21 September 2013

I had a birthday and tomorrow I am racing...

This week has been such a great week. Yes, it was my birthday, and also because my hubby had 3 days off... Bonus! I love me some time with my fave boys! These two:

My birthday was on Wednesday, I turned 27 (yes, I still accept gifts if you didn't manage to get it to me on my birthday - there is no cut off date for these). I started the day with a run with my running buddy which was a treat in itself. Lately my mid week runs have been on the tready, but since Tim was home to look after Fletch I got to get out and run on the road like a normal person. My training plan called for a 16km run (10miles) but since I am racing tomorrow and did 30kms last weekend my legs were a bit heavy so just ended up doing 13.5kms easy pace. It was lovely.

I am one of those people that NEVER looks good during or after a run... Or before come to think of it :)
Following my run we went out for brunch. I had been dreaming of french toast with the works for a while and when I got it it was everything I had been dreaming of and more... I think I consumed double the calories in that one meal that I had burned on my run but it was sooo worth it. Plus it was my birthday so I was allowed to right?! I was also too starving to remember to take a pic of it but you can imagine it in your mind, I'm sure.

Then I had a nice relaxing afternoon with my boys and a visit from my parents (who came bearing cake!) and then Tim cooked dinner for me and some friends that evening! What a great birthday, I felt so spoiled and special, not to mention all of the lovely messages from my friends and readers! Thanks!

Then on Thursday Tim had Fletch while I went to work. This is what happens when the boys have a day together...

Fletch swimming in his puffer vest at the hardware store... From a baby to a man!

This week has been a great week of training with 3 runs and one weights session in there and today is a rest day before I race my half marathon tomorrow.

That brings me to my race tomorrow...

I am rather nervous about it, to be honest. It is a half marathon and although I have been doing much longer distances in my training, I am nervous about how I will go in this since I am using it as a race to gauge my progress for the marathon in 6 weeks time. It is my first half marathon since having my baby 7 months ago and I want it to be a good one.

If you have been following my running journey for a while now, you will know that I am NOT a fast runner. But FYI people:

I can go the distance but it takes me a while. I am not really aiming for a PB tomorrow but I don't want to end up with a PW (personal worst) either. I think I am still a better runner now than I was when I first started out. Tomorrow will tell I suppose.

So keep your eyes peeled early next week for a race recap from tomorrow's race. Oh, and well done to the two people that one their tickets to the event through the competition I had going through my blog and fb page!

Anyone else racing this weekend? What event and what distance?

Any other September babies out there?

Favourite way to celebrate your birthday?


  1. french toast is most DEFINITELY worth the calories! For SURE!! HAPPY early birthday to you! I wish my birthday was in September- it's my favorite month, and if it was my birthday, it'd round out the month just perfectly!! :)
    Good luck on your race! Have fun and enjoy the course! :)

  2. Happy Birthday week!
    I hope you have a great race and look forward to your report - you are not slow at all!
    I have a 10k race coming up in a couple of weeks which should be interesting!

  3. happy birthday! hope your race goes well! you will do great!!

  4. Happy belated birthday! Hope your race goes well!!


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