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How to get through 16 weeks of marathon training...

I have been a terrible blogger lately... Please forgive me!!

Usually when I slack off from blogging it's because my running is getting slack. i am pleased to announce that this is not the case now, I have just been super busy.

This weekend just gone I ran my longest run yet of 30kms. I am getting up there with my mileage now but still have 7 weeks until my marathon and a few more miles to clock up. 16 weeks is a looooooooong time! That is the length of my current training program for my upcoming marathon in November. It is more than half of my son's life - a bit cray cray when you put it that way! I'm not going to lie to you, it's not always easy training for a marathon either. In fact, it never is easy!

Took a pit stop during my long run last weekend, thought you might like a photo of it... Ha!
Training for a marathon, or any distance really, takes up a lot of time and energy. It requires thought, planning, dedication and commitment, from you and your family. So here are some tips to help you get through your training:
  • Find a plan that suits you that you know you will be able to stick to - one that is realistic and works with your lifestyle. I use this one from this book:
    16 week program

    From the Run Less Run Faster book - my running Bible

  • Allow yourself treats or rewards. When you have completed a long or challenging run it is nice to know you can have a treat at the end. This may be food, or it may be allowing yourself to lie on the couch all afternoon in your comfy pants watching movies, getting a massage or something else. Whatever it is, make it worth it. My favourite reward is finishing my run at a cafe and having a delicious brunch (I don't actually do this often but LOVE it) like this one I had once:
    Love me a bagel and coffee after a run
  • Change up the routes you run and throw in some nice scenic runs. I have a few different routes that I go on that have some trails in them which makes a nice change from the road. I also love running along the waterfront too.
    Some of the track from Saturday's 30k-er
    Perhaps not the best idea to run trails on a wet day??
  • Having a runny buddy can help to get you out the door on that run that you think you just cannot face. I love my running buddy, she is a huge motivation and encouragement for me. We do most of our LSD (long slow distances) together. It's great to have someone to chat to while running too so I am not just thinking about how far I still have to go or how I think my legs might fall off.
    They totes are!

    Yes, we are total major dorks, but that's why we're awesome!
  • Plan out your runs at the start of each week so you know what days and times you will do them. This one is especially important for me now with having a bubba to think about. I am grateful to have this sweet setup in my garage (Mum's tready) for when I can't get out on the road. It works perfectly to run on the tready when Fletch is sleeping:
Yip, I watch TV ondemand while running - totally helps!
  • Fuel right and keep hydrated! When you are not fuelling well and staying hydrated you get exhausted and run down which then leads to missing runs and feeling really terrible all round. Make sure you have a good mix of carbs and protein after you finish a run, and in all of your daily meals. Lots of water and even electrolyte drinks are key to keeping up energy too. My latest favourite snack is apple and almond butter... Soooo good!!

That's almond butter on the side, not something else!

  • Last but not least: Just focus on each week as it comes. It can be a bit daunting when you are just one week one of a training plan to look at week 12 and see that you need to be running 30+km (20+miles). Don't do that, just take it one week at a time and by the time you get to those really long runs, you'll be well prepared and ready.
Anyone got any other tips to add?

Anyone currently following a training plan for an upcoming race?

What is your favourite post run snack? 
Mine is currently my green smoothies and apple with almond butter... YUM!

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  1. Well done on your 30k! Is it really only 7 weeks away - help! After my long run this weekend (half the distance of yours at 16km) I put on my comfy clothes and compression socks and made my family wait on me - I'm sure that's why I felt so good today, hehe!


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