Sunday, 11 August 2013

Weekly Running Recap and how to run in the rain...

I started the week off a little under the weather. I never have day sleeps when my wee man is sleeping so you know that if I ever do, I really need it. Monday was one of those days. I was a little gutted to start the week like that but knew I needed to get back to feeling tip top before getting on to my week's running.

Tuesday, however was great. I felt much more refreshed and I managed to get in my 3x1600m repeats on the treadmill, doing 7kms all up. My repeats were done at an average of 7:40 pace.

Wednesday I had to take Fletch with me on my run so got in an 8km buggy run. Friday I did some cross training and Saturday was long run day... Ah the long run. Yesterday it was 20kms.

If you have followed my blog for a while, you will know I am not the biggest fan of running in the rain.

My run yesterday began in a very light drizzle, with no wind. About 7kms in it started to rain. Not too heavy, but heavier than the drizzle. I stopped at the 10km mark to part ways with my friend and then it started to get a bit heavier. By 15kms it was really pouring down and I was soaked! To the bone. By the end I was totally dripping... Awesome. I thought it would be fun to weigh my running gear and it came to 2.5kgs with all the water. It's like resistance training!

Post run - you can't actually tell how soaked I was though!
So how do you survive running in the rain?
  1. Harden up - If you are going to do it then do it, don't moan and sulk about it and have a bad attitude. If you do that, your run will suck right from the start. 
  2. Make sure you are dressed for the weather. Don't wear things that are going to make you weigh 10kgs heavier when they are wet, wear light fabrics that are not going to soak up every drip. If it's cold out and you want to wear a rain proof jacket that is a good idea (my first mistake is not even owning a good wet weather running jacket). 
  3. Make sure that nothing you are wearing is going to chaff or rub you up the wrong way when wet - a big tick for tights over shorts in this situation. 
  4. Wearing a hat is good to keep the rain out of your eyes and off your face and to stop your mascara running - if you are that way inclined (no judgements) :)
  5. If you are not finishing the run at home, or it is a race, make sure you have towels and nice warm, dry clothes and shoes for the finish. You get cold FAST when you are in wet gear, no matter what the temp is.
  6. Dry out your shoes properly so they don't get stinky and stay wet. Hot water cupboards are great for this. Remove the inserts (if you can) and you could even try stuffing them with newspaper to soak up extra water.
  7. Be careful of any electrical equipment you have with you - iPods, phones, watches, etc. You don't want them to get water damaged or electrocute you (can that actually happen?). 
  8. Be careful on your course, make sure you are cautious of slippery surfaces and watch your step - some fancy footing may be required.
  9. Be proud! Even if it not the most enjoyable running environment, you are doing it and getting all the more tougher for it. This ecard sums up exactly how I feel about rain running:
    I'll leave you with this quote from a good friend of mine ;)
 Do you enjoy running in the rain?

Any more tips you could add?

Did you run this weekend? Rain or dry?

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  1. Love running in the rain and totally agree it makes you a lot more hardcore. ;) Good tips!

  2. I'll tell you how to run in the rain: don't run in the rain :) haha. Just kidding. But seriously, I just don't like it! I know some people love it, but I'm not one of them. If it's raining, I'll stay inside.

  3. It gives me determination!! - who needs excuses!


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