Sunday, 18 August 2013

Weekly Recap...

One of my best weeks of training this week, finished with a great long run of 23kms.

I somehow got myself one week ahead in my marathon training plan so the workouts I did last week were supposed to be done this week coming... Oh well.
About 18kms into my long run
Here's a recap of last week's training:
Monday: 2 x 1200m, 4 x 800m repeats at approx 12.5k/hr pace.

Tuesday: Weight session

Wednesday: 11km tempo run - 1.5km easy, 8km at marathon pace and 1.5km easy

Thursday: This is my rest day as I have picked up one day a week of work so it will pretty much always be a training rest day now.

Friday: Spin class

Saturday: 23km run with 1km walk at the end for cool down followed by lots of stretching and lots of eating. I included some trails in my run which always makes it a bit more enjoyable. And they are some of the trails which will be included in this half marathon that I will be running next month.

Some trails in my long run
The only time I walked - this hill is crazy steep!
 Sunday: Rest day

I have two rest days a week as I find this is what I need. Sometimes I will do some light exercise on one of the days but no actual 'training' as such.

This week I am going to do last week's training since I had gotten ahead of myself. Rather relieved actually as it means there is one extra week of training in there now :) 11 weeks to go, not 10... Phew! Hopefully it will look much like last week did with a spin class in there and a weight and cardio session of some sort, plus my 3 key runs.

I am really enjoying my training now when I can manage to fit it all in, and getting into the longer distances. It's not always the easiest to get all my training sessions in now with a baby, but it's definitely so convenient my Mum having a treadmill. Never thought I would say that I am loving the treadmill sessions!

Are you training for anything at the moment? How is it going?

Anyone run this weekend? How far?

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  1. I'm starting to train for my 10-mile race in October, but I haven't gotten serious yet. I'm planning on doing that this week, since I've been traveling the last 3 weeks and it's hard to get my runs in in other locations!

  2. what a pretty path to run on! this makes me anxious to get back to running!!!

  3. I ran 10 miles this Saturday on relatively flat Texas roads. I would love to have some trails nearby to run on!


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