Monday, 29 July 2013

Challenges and Tips on being a running Mum...

Yesterday my boy turned 5 months old... Woah! I thought he was only born last week but it turns out he wasn't. He is getter way more fun every day and cuter by the minute. He now giggles and he rolled over the first time the other day.

He's clearly not into selfies like I am!
He loves the mirror and seeing his reflection, he loves singing and it doesn't even matter how bad your voice is or how out of tune. He loves the bath and the shower. He loves when you do silly dances in front of him and he loves being thrown around a bit.

Bath time baby
He is a solid boy and isn't very mobile yet (apart from the one roll he did), but I am in no hurry for him to be scooting and booting around the place.
He likes stories and he is a real social bubba.

Happy wee chappy
He likes to be in big groups of people, however he is always a silent observer. He is calm and content and loves to take in what is going on in the world around him.

He is just one cool little dude and spending every day with him is the most fun job ever!
Hike buddy
Running, on the other hand, has a whole new dimension to it now that I am a mum. It is not quite as simple as just throwing on my sneakers and heading out the door, there is a lot more planning and practicalities involved now. Here are some challenges I have found from being a Mum and a runner (and pleeeeeease know that this is not a moan, on the contrary, I am enjoying and learning from every challenge that comes with the Mama territory):
  • Runs aren't quite as simple as they used to be
  • Runs are now a luxury (who would ever believe that?!?)
  • Running with a buggy is really hard but great training!
  • There is a lot more to consider now, such as timing, organisation, where you go and how long for, what the baby is doing, etc.
  • It's not just all about you, there is someone else that your running now affects
  • 90% of the time your plans will have to change due to a certain little someone
Here are some tips to help overcome the challenges:
  • Be organised!! If you are following a training plan you will know in advance the distances and types of runs you need to do, so plan them around times when it will work for both you and bubs.
  • If you must run on your own, or just want to, plan your runs around times when Dad is home, or someone else that could look after the wee one could be there.
  • Be Flexible!! I think this is one of the biggest things to remember with a child in general, not just for running. No day is ever the same with a baby so if you think you have tomorrow's run all planned out, be flexible if things have to change. Such as, if you have to go earlier or later to fit in in around feeds or sleeps, or if your baby is having an off day and you need to re-plan your run altogether, this is fine, it's all part of the journey. If you are not flexible you will get frustrated when things don't go as you want them to - which 99% of the time they don't with children :)
  • Be prepared - If you know you want to get out for your run as soon as baby wakes up from their sleep, make sure you get everything organised while they are sleeping so when they wake you can focus on what you need to do to get them ready for it. 
  • Remember that you are the most important person in your baby's like and they rely on you for everything. If you are breastfeeding, be aware of how the running could affect your milk supply and what you need to be doing/eating/drinking to keep it up. If a run is going to make you too tired to be able to give lots of energy to your baby, then perhaps you need to plan it for a time when you have more energy, or when Dad, or someone else, is around to give their energy to the baby.
  • Look after yourself! Just like I mentioned above, if you are too tired, injured, sore or anything else from running, you can't give your best to your baby - try to find the balance between giving your all to your running and your baby.
  • Relax and enjoy the ride - remember that running is totally new territory after a life changing event like having a child so it may take a while to find your feet again and things will be different. Enjoy these changes and learn from the challenges. 
Mums, how do you find exercising or running with a baby?
Are there any other challenges you face around this?
Any other tips you could add here? 


  1. Great comments Rach :-) I love that you are enjoying bubs AND running also :-) it is tricky having a little someone (or 3!) to run with and there are some great tips there :-) (esp. the being flexible one!!)


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