Monday, 20 May 2013

The Struggles of a Struggling Runner Girl

Day 20, Monday: Get real. Share something you're struggling with right now.

This is probably meaning emotional struggles, but I don't bother with stuff like that and since this is a Running blog, not an airy-fairy-share-your-emotions-and-I'll-share-mine blog, I thought I better talk about my running struggles.

After playing a whole game of hockey yesterday (70 mins) I am struggling with the fact that I have done something to some random muscle in my pelvis... Anyone know what this is? Suspecting it could be my illiopsoas... Never knew that existed before but thanks to a couple of friends who know their business, and Dr Google, I now do know! I have actually been feeling some twangs in there during my last few runs but tried to ignore it and after yesterday's game it just felt really bad. I suspect this is all down to growing and birthing a human, but I'm not a professional in this business so who really knows.

I am struggling with this as it means I may have to have a break from sports and running, which I never like at the best of times but especially when I am trying to get myself back to running fit and into marathon training mode... YIKES!!

Such a struggle but I KNOW the best thing to do when you have an injury is to look after it otherwise you will be out for even longer or do more damage. Not what I want. So for this week at least I will be stretching and strengthening and probably not much else.

What things do you struggle with regarding running?

Any random running injuries out there?  


  1. Bro you are amazing .. a 70min hockey game sheesh you put me to shame that's for sure! I do remember that it takes TWO YEARS for your body to fully recover from child birth so be nice to yourself and don't push it too hard!! Take Care!! xo

    1. Thanks Simone, where did you hear that two years thing from? Seems like a long time?? I guess it helps that all of this stuff i was doing before and during my pregnancy maybe? It's definitely not the same now though, totally got to listen to my body :)


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