Tuesday, 28 May 2013

My Day in Photos...

Only 4 more days til winter and it's clear that we are almost there. Today was a reeeeeeallly crappy weather day so here are some pics of how it went for us...

This was the type of day we had today... Cold, wet and good for staying in

My mid morning snack of natural yoghurt, dried apricots and pumpkin seeds - yum!

Like the virtuous wife I am I had dinner cooking away in the slow cooker by 10am

I did some social networking and net surfing

Got to sit down with my feet up, homestyle and milo in hand while baby had a sleep

Made some super healthy bran muffins

Had to hold myself back from making delicious triple chocolate cookies and made these instead - will post recipe soon! Not as nice as cookies but better for you.
The slow cooker casserole - didn't look that great but tasted SO GOOD! Perfect winter's dinner

The best part of being inside all day was getting to hang with this little dude... So much fun!

I also went to visit my friend and her bub for lunch but didn't get any photos of that. 

What's your favourite way to spend a yucky wet and cold day??


  1. Movies and naps are my favorite way to spend a yucky day inside! Any excuse for taking naps and not feeling guilty about being inside is a winner in my book!

  2. I love rainy days! I think they are perfect for lots of activities- including going for a run. As long as it's not pouring, I really love to run in the rain- so refreshing! :)

  3. Sounds like a darn fine day! I'm drooling at your snack, yum.

  4. I love being next to the fire place on a cold day.


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