Tuesday, 14 May 2013

An apology and what makes me happy...

Playing catch ups - yesterday's and today's posts are here...

Day 13, Monday: Issue a public apology. This can be as funny or as serious or as creative as you want it to be.

I apologise to the girl who I cursed under my breath yesterday because she was running in a sports bra and short shorts. I only cursed you because I am jealous of you - nothing was jiggling. JEALOUS! So maybe I'm not sorry?? Or maybe I'm just sorry that my head wasn't on your body?
Day 14, Tuesday: Ten things that make you really happy:
The only hard thing about this is picking only 10 things, but here goes (and they are in no particular order/ranking)...
  1. These two guys definitely are top though:
    My two favourites - thanks for making me the happiest person alive!
  2.  Running - I love it, it makes me so happy (most of the time)

3. My friends - I have soooo many wonderful friends from all over the planet whom I just love and appreciate so much

4. Same goes for my family, I have a wonderful family and family in-law - love you all!

5. FOOD - Not going to lie, I love to eat - ice cream sends me to my happy place!

6. Jesus
Amen brother!
7. Getting new running gear - yip, geek! Happiness is new running kit

8. Achieving goals
True story!
9. People who read my blog - you guys make me happy, thanks!!

10. Summer and sun - these make me sooo happy. Nothing I love more than a beautiful sunny summer's day at the beach with great friends and food - that's pretty much everything from my list!!

What things make you happy?


  1. Sunshine makes me happy! I honestly think my soul is made out of sunshine.. I'm an entirely different person now that I live in FL and I attribute it to the sun. Food also makes me happy..and so does beer. I love ice cream and I love beer...so those are some major vices in my diet ;) I love that photo of your boys! Too precious

  2. Knitting makes me happy. Its such a pity work gets in the way!

  3. I loved how you guys used to come out to Ngunguru and we'd go swimming in the estuary and then have a bbq back at ours. One of my favourite memories. xx

    1. YES Tans!! We loved those times. Remember when we swam across to the sandspit and then the tide was crazy strong and we were scared to get back. So much fun, miss you guys living there. xxx

  4. I love getting new athletic gear of any sort. Makes me happy.

  5. I was passed by a runner dude the other week who had the most amazing pair of legs I'd ever seen. Like marble! I was so jealous. I bet he goes fast ... sigh.

    I like your list of happy things! I'm laughing at( but not AT) your Jesus image, I should have come here for the proper spelling! Hee Hee

  6. I'm loving that spring is FINALLY here in Kansas! No more sweaters!!


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