Monday, 29 April 2013

The food of champions...

Ok, so maybe I am a self-confessed champion, but it still counts doesn't it? Well, I am aiming to be a champion anyway, not sure what at just yet, but that doesn't really matter right now, it's a good aim!

So as I have mentioned several times, after having Fletcher, things in my body are still a bit lot jiggly and wiggly and wobbly so I am trying to get it all tight like a Tiger again - well, not that I was ever really like that but there's another aim. Thus I have been doing some good workouts and walks and the occasional jog, but I have also been putting some emphasis on my eating.

Since after Fletcher was born and then with Easter only a month after, I had been living off people's delicious and generous baking, chocolate gifts, Easter eggs, chocolate, and a bit more chocolate and baking... YUM! My excuse was that I was breastfeeding and although this didn't exactly make me gain weight, it didn't help to loose any or tighten up all the wiggly jiggly bits... DOH! I totally think it's about time someone invented the chocolate diet... I would be amazing at it!

So here's what I've been eating lately to help improve my diet and stop living off chocolate, baking and sugar...

Breakfast of champions!

For breakfast I LOVE me some oats. I put cinnamon, which has numerous health benefits, into my oats, then I serve with natural unsweetened yoghurt, mixed berries or blueberries and some linseeds or almonds (not pictured) and a spoonful of craisins to give me a little bit of sweetening. Sooo good, I never get sick of this breakfast and it has a good balance of carbs and protein to keep me going until lunch (although I do normally have a small mid morning snack anyway).

For dinners have been trying to cut back on starchy white carbs, so have been looking for good replacements. We eat quite a bit of quinoa (pronounced keen-wah), as pictured here it has been made into a salad with olives, tomatoes, basil, feta and cucumber, or it is great cold. If we have rice we try to make it brown, and we substitute potatoes with kumara (sweet potato) or pumpkin. We also eat a truck load of lentils, beans and chickpeas, a.k.a legumes which are a great replacement for carbs and are high in protein too.

My husband loves himself a good bit of meat so we generally eat some meat every night, however I have been getting into the odd chickpea or lentil curry... Delish and great as leftovers for lunch the next day too.

I have been getting the 3 o clock sugar cravings too so to curb those I eat dates and peanut butter - that's a treat, celery and peanut butter (yip, I love me some PB), carrots and celery with hummus, or some natural yog and berries. All good afternoon snacks to get you through until dinner time. But I have to make sure we don't have any real treats in the house or I have a tendency to reach straight for those... Major sweet tooth!

What are your favourite healthy meals or snacks?

How to you curb that mid afternoon sugar craving? 

What is your biggest food weakness?
Mine is chocolate or pretty much anything sweet. I am a sucker for desserts! 


  1. I can totally relate - from time to time hubby and I have to go on a bit of bad eating detox - we usually use the Weight Watcher point system - it's how he originally managed to lose 30kg 8 years ago and has kept it off. More than anything from time to time we just need a kick in the pants to stop all the chocolate indulgence that happens after dinner. I can be good all day and then succumb badly to half a king size block of chocolate easily. Love the sound of your porridge - I love a gluten free version from Brookfarm that's fall of quinoa, amaranth etc. I always add LSA and chia seeds to it too! Good work on the healthy eating and habits :-)

  2. Good work with the eating!! I've been trying to clean up my eating, slowly! I've been trying to beat the afternoon sugar cravings with feijoas, which is working alrite! But like you, a dessert is near impossible to refuse!! As is chocolate. And Lollies.

  3. No good advice for you on this one :)

    I always remember my midwife telling me to keep up the calories a little bit when breast feeding...the babies still ended up being skinny instead of passing through to them it stayed on my butt!

  4. Meghan that sounds yum! I add LSA to my smoothies, it's a good way to fill up.

    Renee - story of my life right now, I am sooo with you!

    Jackie - I think I could possibly be eating too many calories - with BF and running as my excuses... haha.


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