Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Keeping active with two weeks to go...

So I am almost there... 2 weeks to go today! Yikes! I feel like I could pop now, this heat is not fun, but I am trying to make the most of everyday that I have without the baby. We are both very excited for when it all does happen though, and we have that wee little bubba in the world with us!

Woah Belly! And yes, I pretty much only have two sets of workout clothes I can fit now... Sorry for the boring wardrobe.
As you may recall from earlier this year (if you regularly read my blog) one of my goals was to stay as active as possible up to as close as possible to the birth. I think this has been going well so far and I am confident I will be able to keep going for the next couple of weeks (or however long til baby is with us). I feel good and enjoy the exercise and it helps to keep me sane - just ask Tim what I am like on a day I don't exercise...

Although it is extremely hot right now I have been able to keep up my walking, as long as I go during the cooler hours or stick to shaded paths. So yesterday I contemplated death by heat, or a nice walk in the shade... You guess which one I chose.

We have some beautiful tracks where I live and this is one of them...

Beautiful shaded paths

The track runs along a river - always makes for nice scenery

Evidence that I was actually there :)
It was about a 5km track with a slight bit of undulation. Would you believe that I even jogged a little bit during this walk?? Ok, so only about 50 metres, then I had to stop before my insides fell out (well it felt that way), but it just felt so good to jog!
I have also been using these bad boys to get in a bit of weight training so I don't end up all totally jelly once baby is out...

5kg hand weights - perfect for pregnancy workouts!
My other workouts consist of dreaming about post-baby running and getting back into it when I am able to. I will have a post up soon about different plans and options for post-baby running and race training. I have also been working my arms by holding up a book and a bit of thumb training thrown in there with turning pages. It's awesome, a workout I highly recommend!

How are your goals coming along? Have you been keeping active lately? 

If it's summer where you are, what are your tips for exercising during the hot months?


  1. ahhhh soo exciting. I can't wait!!
    It's SO hard for me to workout outside in summer - i struggle big time with back to the gym, it is!

    1. Yes exciting times! Yeah, summer is hard, thus if I don't exercise in the morning when it's cooler I generally don't do it at all... Eek!

  2. You look amazing!! And awesome work with the exercising!! Your walk looks amazing!! :)

    1. Thanks!! Yes, loving the shady walks - the only way to go at the moment :)


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