Thursday, 31 January 2013

Picking a running buddy and the Shock Absorber giveaway winner...

As I am nearing the end of my pregnancy, 4 weeks to go and counting, I am beginning to get a little less active and indulging in a bit more relaxing. However, I am beginning to think more about post baby exercise and training. As I mentioned earlier this month in this post, I have a
goal of doing the Auckland Marathon in early November. I have been thinking about it a lot, as it's not my first marathon but it will be my first since baby, and wondering how it will go.

One way I thought it would be easier to train for and get motivated for it would be to get a running buddy to do it with, or at least train with. So how do you pick a running buddy you ask?? Well, typically this is what I would have USED to suggest:

Pick someone who is...
1. Slower than you so you always feel fast and amazing
2. Someone who doesn't look as good a runner as you so you look fast and amazing
3. Someone who will definitely NOT beat you in the race, if you do end up doing it together
4. Someone who just all round makes you look fast and amazing!

But actually, that is ALL rubbish!

They totes are!
Picking a running buddy is not about getting someone who will make you look good, but it's about getting a buddy that will challenge you, motivate you and encourage you that you can do it and do it well!
So here are my new pieces of advice. Pick someone who...

1. You can happily chat to whilst running, and with ease - this is not the place for awkward conversation and trying to find commonalities with someone. This will take your mind off the running itself and will help you keep a good pace for those Long slow runs.

2. Will challenge you to keep going, even when you just want to throw in the towel. You don't want some psycho screamer who rants and yells at you every time you want to stop, but you want someone who will challenge you to keep going for that last mile, 2kms, or 10 minutes.

3. Is in tune with your running style and can see signs of needing encouragement and cheering on. I know this sounds a little lame, but sometimes we just need someone to tell us we are doing well and that we can keep going!

4. You want someone who has similar training goals to you. Even if you are not training for the same distance, you can still do some of your training together. For example, you might be training for a half marathon, they might be training for a full, but you could still combine your speed and track sessions, as they are not about distance but improving fitness and speed.

5. You do not feel you have to compete against. The last thing you want is a running buddy who is always trying to 'one-up' you or beat you in your training runs.

Run with someone you feel comfortable with, someone who you feel at ease with and ENJOY their company. Remember that every run does not have to be done with a buddy too, as you will most likely be solo on race day, so having a mix of training runs is a good balance.

If you want to read more on the subject of running buddies, here's a link from Runners World which talks a little more about the subject.

Do you like running with people or flying solo? 

How do you pick a running buddy? 


Thanks to the random number generator,  I entered all of your numbers in and the winner that came out is...

Jenn Overton!! Woooohoooo!! 2 entries for liking and commenting :)

Jenn has just had a baby and before she was pregnant she had started running but then stopped once she found out her happy news. Enjoy your Shock Absorber Bra Jenn and I hope it helps with the post baby exercise! You totally deserve it!

Thanks to everyone who entered, I hope I will have more giveaways throughout the year for my amazing readers!


  1. I hope you have a very healthy and comfortable last few weeks of your pregnancy - how exciting!

    I love your tips on a running partner. I think it's sooo important to have someone that you don't need to compete with - oh the stress of that! haha!

  2. Great tips! I have a group of friends that I run with. On a good day, there's about 8 of us. Some days there's only 2. It definitely gets me out of bed knowing someone is counting on me for a run!

    1. Definitely is easier when there's accountability! Fun having a group too.

  3. I run with a different buddy on weekdays and weekends - I love that each is different (pace, goal, races/distances etc) and gives me alternate views/subjects to chat with.

    1. That's a great idea Sue. Different people for different run and a bit of variety.

  4. Love the tips! I love to run with other people, I don't have any criteria, I'll run with anyone willing to run haha. It is always nice if they are your same pace though


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