Tuesday, 22 January 2013

More on goals and how I've been keeping busy...

How are your 2013 goals going so far? Mine... Well it's a little too early for most of them as most consist of post baby stuff but here's how my keeping active in pregnancy goal is going:

Thursday last week I was lucky enough to have a personal training session with my lovely PT friend, who is also preggers. We did an all over body weights workout and I was super tired afterwards!
Friday was a small walk and a whole lot of wall paper stripping and sanding - hard work but it keeps me busy for sure!

Thanks for the shorts Tim!

Earning my keep
Saturday was Pump class. If you want to know more about Pump with a Bump you can check out this post here. I think this was probably my last pump class for pregnancy. Although I can still manage it just fine, a) my concession card has run out, and b) it is getting a little more difficult in some areas than usual. But mostly just the concession card thing. I am so thankful that my pregnancy has been a great one that I can still continue to be active right through. I know not everyone has that privilege so I really am grateful that I do!

We then spent the rest of Saturday at a family event with Tim's family where I got uber sunburnt... Oops! But i did manage to go from the photos above to this:
Phew! I bet you are glad I let Tim wear his own shorts here!

Sunday and Monday both were actually rest days from the exercise but there was still a lot of Sanding, stripping, painting and repeat that we wanted to fit in so they definitely kept me busy. Tim has been wallpapering today and the room will be finished soon. Yay! Then we can begin to get the baby's room all sorted - that's exciting!

Well, our work is complete for today so now we are off for a walk together through a track that goes along the waterfalls. Bliss!

Don't forget to keep an eye out for my giveaway that will be coming really soon to celebrate my one year blog anniversary!

Have you fallen off the goals wagon already or are you still charging along?


  1. You look fantasic and beautiful!!! Your going to bounce right back! Me on the other hand will have a lot of hard work to do before I cam run again but it's ok. I like. A good challenge!!! Thanks for your sweet comments on gingers party! It wa fun:)

  2. You are looking good and that baby is growing! It is great that you have been able to stay active during your pregnancy. Can't wait for the giveaway!

  3. Good on you for keeping active all the way through... and for letting Tim have his shorts back! ;)

  4. Good effort. Can't wait to see what the rooms look lik e after all of your hard work!

  5. Bahaha you are too cute - SO good that you have been able to stay so fit whilst growing a human! Bet you'll just pop back to pre-preg after you pop it out! :-)


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