Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Creating a training plan the easy way and showering a baby...

Hi all,

My latest exercising has consisted of a few casual strolls (ok - they are a workout for me but a casual stroll for anyone coming with me), and a couple of low key weight workouts.

AND... I have started to waddle... Eek! My husband told me to 'stop walking weirdly' the other day as I was trying sooo hard to not look like I was waddling that I just looked like I was walking strangely. Well, I don't waddle all the time, but by the end of a long walk I have a pretty substantial waddle going on! I'm sexy and I know it!

The rest of my training has consisted of lying on the couch reading great articles from this favourite website and magazine. It makes me feel like I am working hard when I read articles from here. They are oh so motivating and inspiring. Go check out the site!

The other awesome website I have discovered is this one here. Brilliant! I have just spent the last half an hour on it making a training plan for my up and coming post baby Marathon (in November). I know I am still pregnant and won't be starting the training for a wee while yet, but I thought I would fill out all my details and see what sort of a plan it came up with for me. I was a little cheeky and didn't put in pregnancy weights and measurements (but the ones I put in are heavier than my pre-preggers measurements, don't worry!). I have chosen a 14 week moderate training plan to start in July.

It is simple to set up, you just have to register your email address with them and then put in all of your details, and then they create the plan for you. You can create plans for running, multi post events, half marathons, full marathons, walking, running for health and fitness, you name it, they can pretty much do it. I recommend having a look, especially if you are a beginner.

What sort of plan do you use for training? Do you follow a plan at all? 

Any great sites or books for training plans?

The other part of my time lately has been planning and preparing for what was my baby shower on the weekend. It was fabulous! Me and my wonderful sister in law put all our creative ideas together (OK, I mean pinterest inspired ideas) and created a memorable shower in which myself and our baby were oh so spoiled! Here's a few snippets of the day...

Tim wasn't at the shower but he did get dragged into the photo booth

We had delicious food

The wishing tree - guests left messages for the baby which I will put into a book. Some very kind and special things were said

Photo booth props and teddy got signed by all the guests

So blessed by all the amazing and thoughtful gifts

My sister in law and party planner extraordinaire!

Animal and celebrity game and guess how many jelly babies


Did I mention that the food was divine?
Delicious Raspberry and lemon cake made by my other amazing sister in law!


  1. the prettiest Baby shower I have ever been to :)

    1. Thanks Jackie, glad you liked it. Was so glad you could make it :)

  2. You look fabulous!!! And beautiful baby shower:) not long now mama!!! Good for you with your training plan, I'm going to wait Until I loose 60 pounds before trying to run but I wish I could be running sooner!!!

    1. Thanks Hanna! Yes, it was a super fun day and fun to plan. Not long for you either, can't wait to see our bubs! Running will definitely help you to lose the weight, that's my plan anyway, but it definitely is easier running without it :)

  3. I totally agree Jackie .. it was SUCH a beautiful shower!! I just started back running today since I'm finally (nearly) over my hayfever - a few sneezes on return but not too bad YAY!! (I'm doing the couch-to-5km program)

  4. Looks like such a stunning shower Rachel! Love all the cute ideas -makes me want to have another baby just so i can have a baby shower...NOT! Haha. Xk

  5. You are just absolutely gorgeous!!!

    I had to laugh at the waddling.. awwch. :)

    for some reason, I really can't follow a training plan with running - it's definitely a mental thing, if I know I *have* to run xx miles a certain day, it's almost never happened!


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