Thursday, 10 January 2013

2013 Goal setting - have you done yours?

Workout today: Sanding (by hand) all the windows and skirting boards in our spare room, and painting them... In 27°C heat - which at 33 weeks pregnant feels more like 37°C... Fun!

So I didn't work out today but I really felt that that hard work was enough of a workout in itself. Plus I think I was still recovering from walking up Mount Parihaka yesterday which, for those who don't know, has about a gazillion steps (give or take), and it was hot.

So here it is... The post about...
Work From Home Goals 2013
 I am not really one (anymore) to get to Jan 1st and think: 'I had better make some goals that will change my life', and then they only last the better part of a month... If that.
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Not anymore...
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Not that any of us have ever thought that, I just thought this was funny!

Instead, I like to look at all areas of my life and make practical and achievable goals relating to those areas. Actually, this is something that Tim and I do together, we make goals for each area of our lives together and have reviews throughout the year - sounds nerdy, I know, but it's such a great exercise to do as a couple.

The goals for this year that I am going to put on here are actually my own, individual goals, not mine and Tim's. But these are just as important, having your own goals, as well as 'couple goals'. I think a great thing with goals, too, is to set small, achievable ones that you can measure throughout the year, not just at the end. This is probably why a lot of people don't achieve theirs because the end of the year is always 'so far away'. So anyway, enough of that, here are my 2013 goals...

1. Continue to stay as active as possible up until the birth of our baby.

2. Be a good Mum

3. Be a good wife and help and encourage Tim to achieve his goals

4. Be more committed to things at Church - help out more, and if I say I will help then do a good job! Same goes for helping friends and family.

5. Get back into running and training, as soon as my body will let me, post baby

6. Run the Auckland Marathon - the first weekend of November - possibly in 4 hours if I can get my body up to scratch. This was my goal for the Auckland marathon 2012 but then I found out I was pregnant so goal was deferred.

7. Be a good money saver/non-spender!

8. Get back to my pre baby weight by the time of the marathon - 8 or so months (hopefully this will be easy with marathon training thrown in there.)

9. Run a half marathon as part of my marathon training and to help gauge my progress towards the marathon

10. Blog regularly and improve my blogging

11. Be generous with my time, giftings and life!

Each month I will break these goals down to make a part of them achievable. For example, with the marathon training goal I will set monthly mileage goals to keep me on track and to make it easy to measure. For the weight loss, I will set small goals each month based on weight, food and exercise - small changes that can be measured. And maybe there might even be the odd reward in there for months where I have been successful!

 Are you a goal setter? I definitely am, as you have already seen - I have to have goals otherwise I am just useless!

Have you set your goals for 2013? If so, how do you do it? 

What is the goal you think will be your most difficult for this year? Mine would definitely have to be the 4 hour marathon and getting my body in shape for it... And possibly being a good Mum - eek!


  1. Great goals! You look fantastic, You will bounce right back, meon the other hand, #3 at may take me a while but I;ll run a marathon in 2013 at SOME point:) Happy New Year. Can;t wait to see that babay

    1. Thanks Hanna! We'll be having babies and running marathons together on different sides of the world... Hehe. What fun! Can't wait to hear all about your marathon training - we can compare notes :) x


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