Saturday, 20 October 2012

Pump with a bump...

I am totally supposed to be doing school work right now but thought I would much rather talk to you about this morning's pump class instead... Yay!

It is finally starting to actually feel like Spring now which is one of my most favourite seasons... That and summer of course. Watch out for the pregnant bikini babe this summer... haha! This morning I woke up nice and early to head off to pump class at the gym... Such a great morning for a work out!

Last month I won a free 10 concession card to the gym but hadn't used it yet. I'm not really that much of a gym-er anymore as I really prefer to get outside. However, I am stoked to have won this pass so will make the most of it. One thing I had been missing, too, was pump class. So this morning I met my lovely friend, who is also the world's most awesome personal trainer, and we got our body pump on!! She is also preggers so it was like bump pump. Fun times!

Before I left home this morning I was looking through my pack that I had won and inside it was this brochure...

How appropriate!
Although I have been doing weight work all the way through, as this was my first pump with a bump class I had been thinking of what sort of modifications I may need to make, if any. So when I saw this it was totally perfect!

Here are some wee gems I got out of the brochure...

"Body Pump is a great way to maintain a healthy, strong, toned body during and after your pregnancy." YAY!!

"During the class focus on yourself and your baby and work at an intensity that is comfortable for you. Choose sensible weights and move seamlessly, i.e. no jarring or jerky movements. Don't over exert and be mindful of your Range of Movements (ROM) in all exercises."

Pregnancy is NOT a time to increase your weights!!

So, here's how to modify the class for pregnancy...

For your warmup and anything that involves squats, such as the back and legs tracks, make sure your base is a little wider than it would normally be. E.g. feet slightly wider than the hips, instead of in line with them. This helps to give you more stability and makes the exercises a bit more comfortable, especially as your belly gets bigger.

Any track/exercise that involves lying down on your bench, make sure your bench is at an incline, instead of flat. This will relieve abdominal pressure, help circulation and feel more comfortable - which it totally did!

For the back track you might like to use free weights instead of a bar. This gives you a better ROM, as you wouldn't be able to move the bar straight up and down because of a certain bumpety bump (my words, not the brochure's). If at any stage you feel your back hyperextending, focus on drawing your abdominal muscles in.

Remember to breathe steadily all the way through, and if with any exercises that require above the head lifting, you feel dizzy or faint, just opt for an exercise that keeps your arms below your neck.

If lying down for any exercises is uncomfortable, use a seated position with a similar exercise, if not the same. Your instructor will be able to help you with this.

Abs... "As your baby grows, change the focus to deep and lower abdominal work using Leg Drops or Pelvic Tilts. Shift to kneeling ab work if it's difficult to lie on your back."

That's about the brochure summed up. I found it really helpful and so great to know that I can keep doing it all the way through. Things like Pump and weight classes are great, low impact exercises to do all the way through and help you feel like you still have some control over your own body... Well I think anyway.

Make sure you always check before doing it though with a doctor or midwife, and also let the instructor know you are pregnant and they can offer you great options to do during the class. 

I hope you all have a lovely weekend. we have a long weekend so there will be a nice balance of work and play... Yay!

What exercises have you found great all through pregnancy?

What are your plans for the weekend? 

What is your favourite weekend workout?


  1. Hey Rachel,

    So awesome to read your posts about pregnancy and exercise... Congratulations again to you and Tim! I have been swimming throughout my pregnancy over here and sometimes mixing it up at our school gym too. I prefer the pool because it is low impact and I get to float ;) I am hoping to continue swimming when I return to Whangarei in a couple of weeks. Have a great weekend!

    1. Thanks Clare! I will probably switch to swimming when I get bigger and the weather gets hotter. Would love to see you when you're back if poss. How long are you here for over summer?

  2. I always think it's so amazing (and healthy) to see pregnant women still exercising!

    For some reason, i'm flat out terrified to go to a pump/weights class..i feel so intimidated?!?
    Have a GREAT long weekend!

    1. Thanks hun! I am still enjoying working out so hopefully that lasts the whole way :)
      You would totally LOVE pump, I'm sure. And you'd be fine, nothing to be worried about!

  3. Wow. It blows my mind that you're preparing for spring while we're getting ready for Winter! Love the difference in different areas of the world!

    1. I know, crazy right. I ran all through winter reading about everyone on your side of the world running through heat waves and crazy hot weather, and now it's the other way around :)


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