Sunday, 23 September 2012

Just a lazy Sunday morning...

I'm pretty sure that if I wasn't the favourite child before, I most definitely am now, now that I am preggers... Not ashamed to admit it and not ashamed to milk it! Haha. I have to claim it while it is there because when my brothers start having babies, or even my little bro gets married, I'll be old news.

Anyway, this weekend Tim has been away so last night I thought I would go hang with my folks, and since I was going to be there, might as well stay the night. Yip, favourite child got a nice wee desert made just for her -  was nice enough to share it with them though :)

I played my hockey final yesterday and unfortunately we lost, but the other team really deserved to win, I must say. Then after that, and having some shots of water with my team mates who were having shots of who-knows-what, and my ginormous plate of the world's best wedges, I headed out to my parent's for the Masterchef final... I know, don't be jealous of just how exciting my life is!

And this morning, this is what I got to wake up to...

My parents live next to an airport so I got up and walked around it before going to church this morning. I loved it. This is where I grew up so always love being back there and going through my old running tracks. I was planning on running this morning but was just a tad score after the big finale yesterday so a nice cruisy walk it was.

Which brings me to the next part... Running with a bubba... It's not quite as easy as running senza bubba! Who would have thought?!? So I have ordered myself a belly support belt and when it arrives I will have a little run to see if it helps relieve some of the weight pull. Will let you know how that goes.

So how was your Sunday?? Was it a lazy one? 

Do you love going back to where you grew up? 

Who's the favourite child in your family?

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