Thursday, 14 June 2012

Find Your Strong

I was reading a blog post on one of my fave regular blog reads here and found a link to this website here by Saucony. 

Saucony have a Project called:

 'Find Your Strong' is a project in which they want to know what ways you find your strong? You've got to check out the site because they have some seriously encouraging, motivating, and inspiring quotes, people and video clips on there that will really push your buttons, tug at your heart strings and any other cheesy sayings you can think of! 

It also really made me think about how I 'find my strong'.

I guess I find my strong through having people around me that support and motivate me, such as my amazing husband, family and friends. Not to mention, my lovely readers and followers on here who are constantly giving me positive feedback which encourages me to push myself to keep going. Running really helps me to find my strong as, out there on the road (cue the theme song from Remember the Titans here and get your tissues - or not), it's just you and your mind and all that physical training that you do is only small compared to the mental training that goes on whilst running.

OK, I promise all the soppy stuff is out now, but I do want to ask you this:

How do you 'find your strong' and what keeps you going?

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