Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Warning: Running is addictive!!

A week and a half out from running my second marathon I am contemplating what I will do next... I am ADDICTED!!! 

I am registered to run the Baylys to Dargaville 12km this Sunday, but with no pressure on myself for a target time. This is because it'll only be two weeks after the marathon, in which case I should still be in 'recovery mode'. I am looking forward to it though and have some friends walking it - yay!

So now I am trying to figure out what my next big race will be to get me on the road to my ultimate goal of a sub 4 hour marathon!!! 

If you are wanting to find yourself an event to run in, or a goal to train for, no matter what the distance and no matter where in NZ you live, then you need to check out this fantastic website right here! It is my go-to whenever I want to plan a run to do and see what is going on in the running world around the country. 

I am contemplating the Auckland Marathon again which is in 5 months time, so watch this space to see what I decide and when my training will commence. 

After the Auckland marathon 2011 - hope they have better coloured t-shirts this year!!

Do you have anything you are currently training for? Have you discovered a new found addiction to running? And are there any great runs that you can recommend as a MUST do?


  1. Hey that's great you are planning something else. I have a small race on the weekend but would love to go and do a race in another country again it's been so long. When I was in the UK i had a friend that I travelled all over Europe doing races with but don't have that now.

    NZ looks good though. I am thinking of doing the Sydney City to Bay next year - that's about it at the moment.


    1. NZ is great Zoe! You should come and try a run over here! I know what you mean though, having someone to run with is great - I had a wee crew in Italy that I would do my runs with, it was great! I would love to go and do a big international marathon sometime. Thinking of maybe the NY marathon next year - my husband is definitely keen to come along and support that one :)


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