Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Monday mileage and mothers day...

A day late, yes I know and I do apologise. My computer and I were taking a 'break' yesterday - well actually I was just so busy I never got to the computer. But alas, here it is...

I have decided to start a new thing for my blog and it's called monday mileage. It's all about the mileage I, and my fabulous readers, did (or for some reason didn't) do over the weekend.

To start it off I am going to tell you about the 12km race I competed in on Sunday, which also happened to be mothers day here in little ol' NZ.

I wasn't sure how I'd go only 2 weeks out from the marathon so I didn't put a time goal on it. I was happy to finish it in just under 1 hour and 5 minutes. Next time I'd like to be able to finish in under an hour. It was a great run but started with a very steep 250m hill. Literally we started at the bottom of the hill. Got a bit of a puff on going up but a good way to warm up. Thankfully it was a gorgeous day too (a bit hot at times) but we managed to get in a tail wind at some points too - bonus!! AND... For a mothers day treat my Mum-in-law (a.k.a runner Mum) did the run too... Just what every Mum wants to do on the one day of the whole year dedicated to them... HA!

Posing like a dork way after I'd actually finished

Super runner Mum crossing the finish line - Yahoo!

My lovely sister-in-law (brother's wife) and gorgeous friend also walked it so it was nice to have some company with the three of them at a race for once (instead of not knowing any other competitors). And the quote of the day (not naming any name's but was from my friend...haha) 'did you just get really sun burnt or are you usually that red after you finish a run?' Oh shame on my name - that's right you couldn't really tell where my t-shirt finished and my face began... Story of my life - HA!

Sarah and Saskia cruising across the finish line still looking as gorgeous as ever!
So it was a pretty great day all around and a nice time was spent with the girls.

My wonderful runner Mum-in-law and I
 Later on that day I took my Mum and her partner out for a devonshire cream tea which was a nice treat for us all. A lovely way to end the day.

So what miles did you clock up over the weekend and how did you treat your Mum for mothers day? Would your Mum enjoy running a race on mothers day?


  1. Loved spending Mum's Day with the curious runner girl- even if she did leave me behind! Jokes...I was happy to trundle along. But super excited to realise that I went way faster than my first ever half marathon 7 months ago. And super super excited to find I am no worse for the wear and able to front up to TWO gym sessions since. So here is to the prospect of running with more of our family in 7 weeks time on the Gold Coast. Eek!

  2. Aw love how you did a race with your mom, that's awesome!!


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