Thursday, 12 April 2012

What is your mind telling you??

Hello fellow runners (or wish-to-be runners)...

This quote above is my favourite and it can relate to absolutely EVERYTHING I think, but is particularly applicable to this blog post.

It's been a pretty up and down past couple of weeks but thought that I was in need of a blog update for all you devout followers out there (or follower - singular???).

So a couple of weeks ago I got quite sick... turns out that when you are running long distances it takes a wee toll on your immunity, but alas, I am not the type of person to get into my way... Until some terrible fevers stopped me from emerging from my bed... DOH!! So this put a little halt on my training in which time my mind (or the little evil guy on my shoulder) started saying:
'Don't you think that your body is trying to tell you something getting this ill this close to your marathon?' And 'You probably shouldn't really be doing the marathon anyway, but especially with all this time out of your training', and then my favourite... 'You CAN'T do this, especially not now!'

Even my doctor was trying to tell me that perhaps I should just think of doing a half marathon... Sheesh! Who does he think I am?!?!

I considered it and had a little battle with my mind. But I was due for a long (35km) run so I thought I would see how I went in that and then make my decision from there. Turns out that the early bird discount closed the day before I was to do that long run so the lovely little guy on my shoulder (and my ever encouraging husband) said: 'what the heck, just go for it  after all, you have put in the training hours and you KNOW you can do it!'

Although I was a little unsure that I could do it I still went ahead and registered anyway. Then, with much prayer, a supportive running buddy, and a super awesome husband supporter, the next day I completed my super long (longest) training run and felt great! I was a little sore but I finished the run feeling like I could have kept running, which I think is the main thing, as the actual marathon is still a bit longer than 35kms. Phew!

So after all my considerations, my trials and tribulations, my doubts and my struggles, I am only just over two weeks away from completing my second ever marathon and getting more and more excited about it by the day. Still trying to be wise and stay healthy but squeezing in a couple of training sessions here and there too, such as spin class, short runs and some fitness like hill repeats and sprint sessions. Now it's all downhill until the BIG day! Woop!

So, if you are pondering a run, struggling with your mind and not really believing you can achieve what it is you want to then let me leave you with some inspiration... Including this quote:

'Your body cannot achieve what your mind cannot believe' (sorry, not too sure who said this but isn't it great?!). It's sooo true too, 90% of the battle is mental, 10% is physical! Ok, well maybe not quite to those percentages but mentality plays a HUGE part! Have you ever had to overcome any mental struggles when it comes to sports or training or anything like that? I'd LOVE to hear!

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