Monday, 23 April 2012

I put my new shoes on and suddenly everything's right!

NEW SHOES RULE!!! Soooo... Thanks to this awesome website I got myself some stylin' new pumped up kicks... YEOW!

As you can tell I rather enjoy a new pair of shoes. It's the simple things in life I tell ya. However, whoever said running is free obviously was a barefoot runner (and perhaps even a naked runner?!). Shoes are not cheap and when you are clocking up some serious (or not so serious) mileage you really do need to have a good pair, which means replacing them a bit more regularly than your wallet would probably like to. Thus the reason I love these new shoes so much - I had to save for them!

This is also the reason I love the aforementioned site - I got my shoes for approx $96 cheaper than they are here in stores.. But wait, there's more - they also included FREE postage - that's right - FREEEEEEEEE!! They did take 3 weeks to get here but if you want them earlier you can just pay a few extra bucks (or live in the UK where they come from), and Bob's your Uncle (or Aunty in some cases - awkward!).

I know you are dying to see them so here you are:

Thanks Asics for my super new GT-2170 running shoes. They are a dream. And sooo bright white they're like a black man's teeth (even on my pasty white legs which makes them look tanned!).

I thought my old running shoes weren't doing to badly, but when you look at this comparison you will see why I was in need of a new pair...

Yeesh! Talk about run down on The Run Down! It's recommended that you change your shoes every 800 kms and I may or may not have done slightly over that number... You decide :)

This brings me to my next part:

Wearing in new running shoes...

As I had to save for these shoes (and because I was stingy and opted for the free delivery) I ordered them a little later than I was hoping and they only just got here last week. I was hoping that I could chuck them on and they would feel like they were made for me and I would be able to run a million miles in them, however this is not the case.

Rule Number One in running: Shoes DO NEED TO BE WORN IN before a big event. You cannot and should not expect to be able to just throw on a new pair of shoes the morning of a race and be fine. Some shoes might give you blisters your first one, two, or three wears, they may rub in funny places, they may be too tight or you may need to adjust certain things.

My new shoes have not given me any blisters on the few runs I have worn them on, however they do cause my toes - particularly on my left foot which is my 'big' foot - to go numb and tingly. NOT what you want in a race! When they have stretched a bit more they will be perfect, but until then I can't go taking any risks in this weekend's marathon.

So me old faithfuls will have to do the trick! We've had some good times and this last run will just top it all off (cue tacky romance music from a Zac Effron love movie). And then what will be the fate of me old faithfuls you ask? They become my fishing shoes! Yes - that's right, they are great for getting around rocks in and walking along the beach. They might even get a bit of the old backyard action... Gardening, lawn mowing or just some casual slouching around - you name it, they're good for it!

What do you do with your old running shoes? And what is your favourite pair of kicks to pound the pavement in??

Happy running readers.

Marathon countdown: 5 sleeps to go!


  1. wow they are so shinny (sp?) and clean!!!

    1. I know - Wondering if I should run through some puddles and mud or try and keep them shiny and white for as long as I can... hmmm. Not normally a fan of white, or new-looking, running shoes but it was the best colour out of all of them :)


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