Monday, 2 April 2012

The business of running...

Hey all,

I know it has been a little while since my last post but not to worry as I am back with more tails of running trials and tribulations....

Running, as some of you may know, is a great way to keep fit, healthy, and in good shape. However, when you get into the serious business of running longer distances you will face some trials. It will take its toll on your body in more than one way. It can cause injury or pain in your body, whether it be muscles or joints, it takes its toll on your immunity, as well as the mental challenge of keeping going for 1, 2, 3 hours plus.

In the last couple of weeks I have been facing some of these trials. Last weekend I went for a 3 hour run, which I felt was a little boring, to be honest, and it was a real mental struggle. I hadn't really fuelled well before or during it either so after two hours of running I was getting really tired. My body, however, was pretty good in that I wasn't too sore or nothing felt broken or overworked, as sometimes is the case. So apart from getting tired and probably running waaaaay slower than I should have been, I was happy to have been able to stay on my feet for that length of time.

My trainings through the week went ok too, got in a sprint session, a 5km time trial and some cross training. But, when it came to my long weekend run again I was just not feeling the groove.
I got up nice and early, as per usual, and was even out the door before the sun woke up, but my body was just not enjoying it. My friend joined me about 6km in which was great, but even then I just felt bored and tired. My body was asking to stop.

I kept going though, having someone with me really helped and kept me going (if she wasn't with me I probably would have stopped and walked home... Eek!), but perhaps I should have listened to my body because I have spent the last two days ill... The thing I was saying about your immunity, it can get a bit hammered when you are doing lots of training!

Anyway, after that run I told my husband that I might not do the marathon that I have been training for and that is coming up in less than 5 weeks now. He encouraged me that I have put in the training, the effort and the hours so I may as well. I think in training for this marathon running has felt more like a chore than an enjoyment and my mind was getting out of the game. I know I can physically run another marathon but can I mentally?? I AM still going to do it, despite my thoughts that perhaps I wouldn't. But after this one I have decided that I really want to just get back to running for enjoyment, and remember why I liked it in the first place.

So as far as my goal of two, maybe three marathons, goes this year, I think that one would be a great achievement :)

What are your running goals? Do you have any trials or tribulations to speak of in achieving your goals?

I hope this hasn't discouraged anyone from running or achieving whatever goals you may have, I am just being honest with you about MY running journey and my journey to this next marathon. Trust me, it's not always like this and more often than not I have really positive things to say about how much I LOVE running - which I still do by the way. So be encouraged that if you are feeling a little run down, a little like your goal is too far out of reach, step back, take a deep breath, have a rest if you need one and get back out there. I can guarantee you that for every bad run I have ever had, I have had about 4-5 good ones. Yay!


  1. I went for a run yesterday. Running the neighbour hill non stop is about my current goal.

    I think you should try looking forward to the scenery like you last marathon...running past dotcom etc. Might give you something to look forward to.
    If you ever run past my place...or want to put it in the route for a drinks stop, definitely do :) Ill give you a kick up the bum if you need some encouragement :)

    1. Go Jackie! Thanks for your encouragement, it's exactly what I need! The kick up the bum would be great too :)


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