Monday, 5 August 2013

Some exciting news and GIVEAWAYS!!!

Hi all,
As I mentioned last week here on my facebook page, I have some exciting news about a partnership...

I have partnered up with Sport Northland to encourage more locals and NZers to get involved in running through their Run/Walk series and get out there and get active, which is the aim of my blog also.

Sport Northland hold 7 events throughout the year all over Northland with varying distances. They include beautiful courses with some stunning scenery, as well as events that are catered for prams, runners, walkers, and people in wheelchairs. They are really fun events and all have great prizes at the end.

So, what does this partnership involve and what are the giveaways???
Well, for every person that signs up for any distance at any event you will go in the draw to win either the cost of your ticket back, or an entry to the next Run/Walk event - your choice. There may also be some other wee prizes that get thrown in there too. All you have to do is either leave a comment here on my blog letting me know that you have registered, or go to my facebook page and leave a comment there.

In relation to these events and giveaways, I am considering holding Saturday morning group runs for all who are interested. I love group runs and they always help with training and motivation.

I have a tab here where you can find out more and I will post about each event as they come up.

The next event in their series is the Whangarei Half Marathon, which I have entered and you should too! There is also a 9km for people who are not ready to tackle the whole 21.1kms and I will have tickets for both distances to giveaway. The early bird entries close 1 September and all entries close Wednesday 18th September (my birthday in case you are interested) but if you register and let me know, you could WIN YOUR TICKET!!

Sorry to all my international readers but these giveaways are only for the Kiwis... Unless you plan on coming to NZ - in which case you are welcome!

So who is keen for any or all of these events? 

Anyone already registered? Let me know! 

Anyone ever done one of these events? 

Who is keen for a group run?


  1. It's awesome that your getting people motivated!! I wish we lived closer!

  2. Dang it! I wish I could come to NZ and run. It's probably much more exciting that running in Oklahoma :) Hope you're having a great week!


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